Monday, 21 June 2010

TV Meme, Day 21: Favourite 'Ships

I don’t know who invented this word (in this context), it’s a bit silly. If you don’t know what a ship is go HERE. Its entry in the meme – especially since yesterday’s post is essentially a variation on it. Nonetheless, I give you five “ships” (ugh).

Romantic 'Ships
Spike and Buffy in Buffy, the Vampire Slayer

I’ve never liked Angel, perhaps it’s because I generally find David Boreanaz to be annoying. Thus, I never really bought into the whole Buffy and Angel, true love yada yada ya. Since Spike easily trumps everyone in Buffy as far as I’m concerned the pairing with our heroine worked for me. Spike was still a badass (and a smartass) and he and Buffy still had their issues, but Gellar and Marsters had excellent chemistry.

Ross and Rachel in Friends
It’s probably the first television relationship that I was invested in. They were just supposed to be with each other, true much comedy came from them not together but they have good chemistry and Schwimmer and Aniston work well together. Those few episodes where Rachel was paired with Joey was just painful…and of course it’s the fairytale for all – a glamorous (if spoilt) and beautiful woman and a nerdy and somewhat neurotic man.
Alex and Izzie in Grey’s Anatomy

I was interested in their relationship even before they actually had a relationship. It’s more than just the physical, even though they do have some scorching chemistry but they play emotional opposite each other just as well. Of course with Heigl gone we might get Chambers paired with the exasperating Lexie (Chyler Leigh). They should just let him remain single. This relationship stands out as one of the best thing on Grey’s Anatomy.
runners up in order: Chuck and Blair in Gossip Girl, Chuck & Ned in Pushing Daisies, Rory & Jess in Gilmore Girls, Miranda and Steve in Sex & the City
Platonic 'Ships
Alex and Meredith in Grey’s Anatomy
I know, Grey’s Anatomy again. Sorry. I know I just spoke about the greatness of Alex and Izzie but maybe it was just me but there were moments in Season Two I was anticipating a relationship between our titular character and the resident delinquent. Both of them have severe commitment issues and though they’re not in a relationship their scenes together (though rare) are quite nice and they do work as friends. She was the one who convinced him to get married (and I know it's Cristina and Mer who have that unbreakable bond...but hmm, no).
Will & Grace in Will & Grace
As if you didn't see this coming. All chances of romance were off, but they still had amazing chemistry, ridiculous fights and undying love. Sure Jack and Karen upstaged quite often, but when it came down to the real relationships they had it going on.
runners up (in order): Chandler and Joey in Friends, Meredith and Cristina in Grey's Anatomy, Xander and Willow in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
More of the meme HERE
Which ships float your boat?


Marcy said...

No Chandler and Monica?

Good list, though.

Heather said...

I'm taking a gander on what "ships" means.

I love that you picked Spike and Buffy. I loved that on Angel, he and Angel were still sparring over her. Spike and Buff had way better sexual chemistry, and while Angel was all broody and boohoo dark and handsome, she went for Spike when he was still all evil. That is twisted and hot.

God, I loved that show.

Aside from that romantic ship I would include Captain Sheridan and Delenn from Babylon 5.

Luke said...

An interesting find! Someone who actually liked Spike and Buffy together! Also - I'm sincerely glad you were able to recognize the platonic ones - Will and Grace have to be one of the best relationships ever put to the television screen.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

marcy for me when i think of ship, i think of those i was gunning for from the inception. chandler and monica sneaked up on me (but i do love them...forgot to put them as runners up).

heather silly me, i didn't put a link to the site for ship's meaning. glad you're on board with buffy and spike (hot, hot, hot)

luke i don't like angel, i just DON'T like him.

Rachel said...

I too despise the whole "shipping" of characters. I think I first came in contact with this ridiculous phrasing around mid-Harry Potter book releases and folks became Harry and Hermione shippers or Ron and Herimone shippers (in some cases, Harry and Ron shippers).

So I totally rebeled against the "ship" topic, changed it to Favorite Relationship, and cited Lucille Bluth's relationships with her children as my favorite.

As for your list, I've only seen Ross and Rachel, which is a big one. I'm currently watching Buffy for the first time, and haven't gotten to the Spike/Buffy hotness yet, but I already knew it was coming. Sadly I'm in the middle of Season 4 and she's stuck with that plonker, Riley.