Saturday, 19 June 2010

TV Meme, Day 19: Great Casts

I’m, on vacation, a working one, blog-wise (which is a euphemism for writing exams). So in case you were looking forward to a five paragraph essay (which I doubt you were) no luck.
Only 12 pictures…enjoy…
MVP: Stockhard Channing
MVP: James Marsters
MVP: Lea Michele
MVP: Marcia Cross
MVP: John Krasinski
 MVP: Megan Mullally
MVP: Amy Poehler
MVP: Chandra Wilson
MVP: Kristin Chenoweth
MVP: Michael C. Hall
MVP: Cynthia Nixon
MVP: Matthew Perry

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1 comment:

Robert said...

Oh, great and unique choices! I love seeing The Office. And though I begrudge it and I don't approve of everyone in the cast, Glee is quite a great piece of ensemble work. ;)