Friday, 18 June 2010

TV Meme, Day 18: Title Sequences

Thank God, today is an easy one. No long essays today…just five videos...I didn't even rank them (for shame, Andrew!) Enjoy.

Fun, vibrant and in keeping with the general enthusiasm of the show
It’s easy to miss, but look closer – the artwork, the music it’s all very whimsical (and well done).
Nostalgia ensues as I litsten to this song, but it’s more than just – the lyrics may be a little too on the nose, but its message is sweet and who can say no to positivity?
Sure, Cynthia Nixon isn’t in it – but it's an excellent use of New York the city and New York the character clashing with our neurotic anti-heroine, and I love that affronted look on Carrie’s face…she does know good sex.

What can I say about this...chilling, freaky and a little bit of perfection.
Et tu? Which title sequences do you remember fondly?
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Ryan T. said...

Great choices!

I also like this one. As you said, it's simple... just videos. I have, for now, four title sequences all picked out for me to post tomorrow. Will sleep on it to see if I think of more.

Robert said...

These are fantastic choices! The Arthur titles are actually amazing. And I like the Desperate Housewives and Six Feet Under mentions. They're both really great.

Matthew said...

thats cool, but i doubt it can compete with these:
its cool though!