Friday, 11 June 2010

TV Meme, Day 11: A Show that Disappointed

I may be pushing it a little with this entry, but that’s how it goes. It wasn’t so much that this show disappointed me over a long period of time, but after hearing so much about this show (it’s a big favourite where I live) I watched it for a number of years – yes years, and never could muster up any appreciation for it – Everybody Loves Raymond.
Really, I do not get the appeal for this show. Obviously, it’s not a horrible show but I don’t know why so many people are overly enamoured with it. Ray Romano has got to be one of the most tepid leading comedic men and the dynamics of the show always fail to impress me. Other than Patricia Heaton (obviously doing excellent work) the rest of the cast usually leaves me with little feeling. From a theoretical stance I understand what they’re going for with the realistic comedy, but Everybody Loves Raymond just ends up leaving me cold more often than not.


James D. said...

The dad has his moments, but it is generally as painful as much of the rest of television.

Jose said...

You watched this for years?????
You poor thing.
I hated this show so much for all the Emmys it kept stealing from much better shows.
I think Doris Roberts is cute and everything but she won like 10 straight Emmys for this crap, when people like Kim Cattrall were doing groundbreaking TV work!!!!!

Luke said...

Yeah, I'm kind of with you on this one. Though I can understand some of the appeal - I completely agree that Heaton is the best of the bunch hands down - it becomes tiresome pretty quickly. I'd say this is a pretty accurate choice for a lot of people...

RC said...

my show that disappoints would have been "Heroes" season 1 was so great --- but then, it was down, down, then super down.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

james aaaaw. all tv is not so bad.

jose i know, years is a long time. it's difficult to avoid it, it's in syndication almost every day here and my former brother-in-law was a devoted fan.

luke precisely. it gets so old, so quick.

rc that is a good choice, but i saw the first season for heroes after it was already bad. that was a good season at the beginning, though.