Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Oh, June...

Perhaps projection from hatred of my birthday made June a bit unbearable at times....
It’s weird. It seems the more stressed out I am the more blogging I do. That’s the only reason to explain the 70 posts this month – June was even worse than May.
Along with Jose and Luke, I finally discussed the Best Actor Race of 1985. Two actors nominated for action films? That doesn’t happen often.
On the collaborative note I teamed up with Yojimbo for a Scene On A Sunday discussion centring on Atonement.
Of course, I probably should take into account the 30 posts dedicated to the overlong TV Meme, but despite the stress it was fun. Rachel and Ryan T. have been counting with me and Luke, Robert and Jude are still in the process. Yes, we know most of you are movie blogs, but TV has its moments.
Speaking of which, I submitted my own ballot for the upcoming Emmy Awards a few days ago. The Emmy’s are notorious for depressing me, but I’m like a dog with a bone.
I’ve reached the homestretch of my Top 100 films and only recently singled out The Apartment as #10. More to come in July. I’ve also got a countdown of sorts (inspired by Heather) premiering tomorrow, so check back for more details.
I revisited the lovely An Education though what I did was nothing like a review, hence the poll in the sidebar...I'll review whatever wins. 
My movie watching has been considerably down, what with exams and all – though I did see Nowhere BoyR (liked it very much), Robin Hood (appreciated it in spots) Toy Story III (liked it, generally). The latter got me wondering about the animation format... July should point to increased viewing, I’m very curious to see Knight & Day actually.
After Marshall won LAMB Casting she went for a lighter film. Get your ideas for My Best Friend's Wedding sent to me.
June marks the halfway mark to the year. How was it for you?


MovieNut14 said...

(shrug) Not bad, not great. In the sense of blogging, that is.

The only really good thing out of this month for me was the fact I'm done with my junior year of high school.

Wild Celtic said...

When was your birthday? Mine was june 27.
"It seems the more stressed out I am the more blogging I do."

Me, too!! If I'm stressed or thinking too much or whatever, I post A LOT. Like three times a day. it is weird, right?

Rachel said...

Congrats on finishing the TV Meme! It certainly made June an even crazier month for me.

I posted at least twice a day, sometiems 3, started a podcast, had my 3 year wedding anniversary, and celebrated two birthdays (one of them mine) and Father's Day. I've been so lazy this week but I needed a break.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

excuse the late replies, blogger has been giving me problems.

movie nut ah, to to be young and in school. it sucks while you're there, but you shall miss it.

wild celtic ooh, happy belated (mine was the 6th). i've been really zen these past few days and my blogging is down. go figure.

rachel ah, a june bride. congrats (and a birthday! congrats) oh the meme slaughtered me, but i loved every minute. masochistic me and all.