Tuesday, 29 June 2010

House Keeping Matters

In case you didn't notice, I've got a poll up on the sidebar. I actually hate polls (anonymity does not do it for me), I actually did two polls way back when when you picked Sweeney Todd as your favourite musical and Sense & Sensibility as your favourite nineties period piece. I reviewed both, as promised. I didn't do well in attempting to review An Education, so this is take on 2009 reviewing. I wrote various musings on three of the four, and very little on The Last Station and Up. So, you decide which I should review.
While you're on that, I'm accepting ideas for the newest LAMB Casting, we're recasting My Best Friend's Wedding, see more here.
Okay...as you were.

1 comment:

Noecitos said...

That poll is impossible to answer!! I am desperately in love with every movie there!! (except for The Last Station which was mostly boring)

So review them all (positively I hope)!