Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The Actor Factor: 1985

Every month Luke and Jose, two excellent bloggers, and me get together to discuss one of the more forgotten acting categories - Best Actor. This month we turned to 1985.
The lineup? William Hurt in Kiss of a Spider Woman (that year's winner), Harrison Ford in Witness, James Garner in Murphy's Romance, Jon Voight in Runaway Train, and Jack Nicholson in Prizzi's Honor.
Luke: Shall we discuss that illustrious year of 1985?? I know how much you thoroughly enjoyed the apparent torture I put you through by picking this year... ha.
Jose: It wasn't that tragic in the end.
Andrew: No torture here. Really, I liked this lineup...not all individually, but as a collective group.
Luke: Yeah, I feared the worst, but there was only one truly complete stinker in my mind.
Andrew: Wow, now I'm getting interested. Not to guess as to who that is, but can we start with Ford?
Andrew: For someone who's so knowledgeable about Oscar trivia I always forget that Ford has a nomination.
Luke: He does seem like one of those people that is famous but never received a nod.
Jose: Nothing we hadn't seen before, just got the nod cause he proved he could be interesting outside Spielberg and Lucas fare. The man is quite a limited actor, and I would rather have him be nominated for Han Solo or Indiana Jones than this dull attempt at "drama."

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