Saturday, 26 June 2010

91 Down, 10 to Go

Last year June, when this blog was now taking baby steps I (misguidedly, I might add) ventured into compiling a list of my hundred favourite films. Of course, I knew the #1 choice immediately but as I compiled it, though it grew tedious on occasion, it was fun. I like to make lists. Certainly, I’m least qualified to create some veritable cannon of important cinematic works, but I have to start somewhere.
A year later (and what a difference a year makes) the top ten are here, I wish I’d started this project now because some of my “reviews” were just horrible…but I digress. Some of you lovely readers know a few of my top ten already…I’ve invited a number of you to participate in helping me count down the ten (even though everyone already knows that The Graduate will be placing at #9). I shall be reviewing it again (hence the title of this post, which is somewhat misleading). I feel a tad embarrassed looking at the list, though. Me, the ultimate (well one of a few hundreds) Oscar dissenter has not one, not two, but three Best Picture winners – and every one of the last seven was a nominee in the category.* It does make the list look a little generic but I suppose I am more generic than I care to admit.
Of course the list is not static, it only covers films of 1939 to 2007 and I’ll be liable to keep tinkering with rankings, I promise myself if I live to January 2012 I’ll update it (well the world will be ending then, and I don’t want to go out without updating). So, I’m looking forward to hearing what you think as I unveil the top ten…one by one by one by one…beginning Monday with a Best Picture winner. In the meanwhile I’ll be continuing the meme and doing my random chatter that you folks like to think of as versatility (bless you).
* Bringing Up Baby happens to be the highest ranked film on the list to not attain an Oscar nod at #24 and Summertime at #21 is the highest ranked Oscar nominated film without a Best Picture nomination (oddly both are Hepburn’s).


Dan (Top10Films) said...

Great work Andrew - very dedicated. I'm glad you rate The Graduate so highly. I think it would be in a similar place on my top 100 - definitely in my top 10.

rtm said...

Dedicated indeed. I've only managed to list my Top 25 movies of the last decade, but I might try to do Top 100 by end of the year. It'll require some discipline as my opinion of that kind of shift from time to time, though there will be a few that will always be on the list, i.e. Ben Hur, Sense & Sensibility, etc.

The Floating Red Couch said...

chug chug chugging along -- your focus is a serious inspiration.