Wednesday, 5 May 2010

A View From... Hamlet's... Night Music and Sherie

One of the few hundred detractors of not living in New York is not getting see anything on Broadway. I'm neither here nor there about the Tony Nominations, though I'm glad to see a few names there...especially those from the film world...and some stage stalwarts like Sherie Rene Scott, above (who I hope finally wins her goddamn Tony Award). I do wish my beloved Cheno had gotten nominated, but alas no. Any nominations made you particularly glad? Have you (gasp) seen any of the shows? See the full list HERE.


Robert said...

I saw ONE nominated show, which was Ragtime, and I must say that it deserved all of its nominations! The two acting nominations it got, for Christiane Noll and Bobby Steggert, are sooooo deserved. They were both mind-blowingly good.

In other news, I love that Scarjo and Laura Linney got nominated despite the fact that I didn't see their shows! And too bad about Cheno :(

Simon said...

I wanted to see the one with Christopher Walken and Sam Rockwell, but it's expensive, and there's no good seats ever anyway. I went to see Toxic Avenger off-broadway instead, which was awesome.

Laura Linney...yay.