Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Thoughts on Grey’s Anatomy: Six thoughts on Season Six’s finale

Did anyone watch Grey’s Anatomy’s season finale last Thursday? Season six has been a bit hit and miss, and without Izzie something just a feel a little off, I’m no fan of those Mercy Westers. Still, everyone knows that if one thing’s notable about Grey’s Anatomy it’s that the season finale is usually quite strong, and last Thursday’s double dose of “Sanctuary / Death & All His Friends” was easily one of the best instalments of the last season.

– Chandra Wilson is still one of the best actresses on television and it’s an affront that she’s still Emmy-less. At this point, I’m not hopeful that she’ll ever win the prize. She’s done her best work in Seasons Two through Four (she was actually the best thing in the stodgy season Four) but she’s been passed over continually. The highlight of the show has always been the acting and Wilson, Pompeo, Chambers and Ramirez each brought their A-game. Incidentally, these five continue to be the best actors on the show (even if Chambers and Ramirez are never remembered for their work).
– Is Katherine Heigl really gone? I guess I really can’t give up the ghost…but I have to admit that when Alex started hallucinating and thinking that Lexie was Izzie (by the way, ick Chyler Leigh is so bland) I was expecting/hoping Izzie to walk in. I suppose it’s not likely, but I really would love if she returns – obviously.

– Dr. Webber (aka James Pickens Jr.) was on the ball throughout the episode. He’s been battling with his alcoholism for some time now, and it was a good moment seeing him confront those issues in attempt to save his hospital. I suppose this would mean that he returns to his job as Chief – and really, it’s about time. Derek really wasn’t the man for the job.

– Was it just me…or was anyone else thinking that they’d kill off Patrick Dempsey? Really, I wouldn’t have been too sad about it. For someone with so many admirers he strikes me as one of the blandest leading ladies. I now in the whole MerDer legend, Meredith is the one everyone hates but I’ve never liked the two together.
– How many TV couples are cuter than Jessica Capshaw and Sara Samirez? I’m neither here nor there on their argument for children (I wish that Arizona would have held her own a little more) but the two just work incredibly well together, and with Izzie gone they easily trump all the shows.

– What ever happened to Mandy Moore? Every now and then Mandy Moore reminds me that she’s just a little better than people give her credit for. Sure, her guest performance consisted mostly of playing dead and fumbling with bedpans – not exactly heavy lifting. But it did remind me of the promise she has (had?).

– Where do we go from here? Is Meredith going to get depressed, dark and twisty because of her miscarriage – I’ll admit I like dark and twisty Meredith. Are Lexie and Alex going to hook up? God, I hope not. That’s a loathsome idea. Back in season four I had thought that he and Cristina were heading somewhere (granted, back in season three I thought he and Meredith were heading somewhere)…so I’m probably not a good judge of these things. And with Hunt finally manning up and choosing Cristina does this mean Teddy will finally be leaving? I sure hope so…

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Did you watch the season finale? Thoughts? How would you rank the finales and the seasons?


Mike Lippert said...

What happened to Mandy Moore? How to Deal, Chasing Liberty and Southland Tales happened to Mandy Moore. Hard to bounce back from that but I'd like to see her in more things as well because she was quite good on Entourage.

I laughed when you called Demsey a bland leading lady, a typo maybe?

CrazyCris said...

I saw it, thought it an excellent end to an iffy season, makes up for a lot of the BS previously. Without Izzie or George the season has felt off, and the Mercy Westers didn't help. But if they had to kill one of the girls, couldn't they have killed the other one?! She annoys me to no end!!! No pbs with the other dead body though...

And no, I never thought they'd kill Derek, and it's a pity we won't get to see pregnant Meredith

Alex in Movieland said...

the ending was cheesy and predictable. :)
but anyway, the season seemed a lot better than the previous 2 (4 and 5).

Best Grey season: the one with Danny dying, or whatever his name was. I guess that's Season 2, followed by 1.

Best season finale: I donno... I liked the one with George dying and probably 1 and 2. Yeah, 1: the series became shitty after they took Adison out.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

mike whoaa. talk about projecting...typo, but i won't change it :) how to deal had its moments, few and far in between but it had some...

cris oh my GOD. that girl is sooooooooo annoying! i do wish we'd have seen meredith pregnant.

alex it was cheesy and predictable, but i like being emotionally led. of course, nothing like season two, though.