Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Staring At the Box

To make up for the TV in my Encore's World...I'm taking some time out to focus on a few television happenings...
Jimmy Fallon has been tipped to host The Emmy Awards in August. Fallon is a nice guy, and I like him fine but he often strikes me as bland. But I suppose better him than Jay Leno, right? Neil Patrick Harris would have been nice again, but I guess no repeats...
Speaking of Emmy, remember Glenn Close winning that second consecutive Emmy for her excellent work on Damages...well things aren't looking too good for that show. Threats to cancel? I know it wasn't the biggest moneymaker, but I didn't know the situation was so dire. Would you miss it if it leaves?
Oh, yes check out my triple review of Parks & Recreation, The Office and 30 Rock from last week.
Anything interesting happened on the television lately? Anticipating Lost's series finale? Can't wait for May sweeps? Sound off below.


Robert said...

I can't wait for the Emmy nominations! I guess really all I keep up with on TV these days are Glee, Modern Family (which I LOVE) and Party Down (which I REALLY love).

Wild Celtic said...

Can't wait until the LOST finale!! I'm stunned every week.

CrazyCris said...

Can't wait for the Lost finale!
Am highly anticipating Neil Patrick Harris on Glee.
Am mourning the soon to be gone Legend of the Seeker.
Can't wait to see who will turn up next on Vampire Diaries.
Am impatient for more of the zanyness that are Castle and Bones!

Like I've said before... I've bee much more interested in TV than movies lately... ;o)