Sunday, 9 May 2010

Scene On A Sunday: Mean Girls

Lacey Chabert’s Gretchen is easily the most forgotten Plastic. I can’t pick favourites when it comes to the four, they each have their strong suits, but my mind often wanders to Lacey and her delightful misguided Gretchen. She hasn’t gone on to greater things like I’d have expected, but this particular scene is a testimony to her talents – more a monologue, than a scene.
It occurs immediately after that fateful performance of “Santa Baby” where Gretchen’s nervousness is at its worse. It culminates with Rachel McAdams excellent line reading of “Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen. It's not going to happen!” which segues into this scene particular scene.
She starts off normal enough,
Why should Caesar get to stomp around like a giant while the rest of us try not to get smushed under his big feet?
Okay, perhaps it’s not completely normal but Lacey sells it and we know she’s talking about Regina, but I’m thinking about Caesar and Regina in tandem, her argument is completely convoluted.
What’s go great about Caesar? Hmmm?
I like the surprised look Lindsay gives here. She’s playing them all, but I think even she didn’t see Gretchen cracking like this. 
Brutus is just as cute as Caesar. Brutus is just as smart as Caesar…
I think this is the turning point, and Gretchen is so absorbed in her “essay”, we’ve never seen her so completely focused in the film yet.
People totally like Caesar just as much as they like Caesar. And when did it become okay for one person to be the boss of everybody. Huh?

Lacey is only getting better as Gretchen descends into craziness. My favourite line of the monologue comes with…
Because that’s not what Rome was about.
It’s pathetic really, because that’s precisely what the plastics (Rome) are about, but Gretchen is being crushed by Regina, so her desperation is understandable as she projects herself on to Shakespeare. Kudos to Tina Fey for working this magic…and then the dénouement –
We should totally just stab Caesar!!!!!
Disclaimer: I’m a feeling bit lazy at the moment, so this scene is a little bit of a repost.


Walter L. Hollmann said...

My favorite character/performance in the entire film. It's not just her looks, either. I love when she starts looking away from her essay and just goes off.

anahita said...

lmao, this scene is hilarious, but also so telling, it kind of sums up the whole film. Tina Fey is such a genius xxx

Heather said...

I had forgotten all about this movie. Utterly brilliant and funny! Gotta revisit this and great scene!

Castor said...

Man, you love this movie!!! But so do I :) Great scene from a great movie.

Rachel said...

With the help of your post, I pictured the entire scene in my head and almost burst into laughter in front of my husband's family.

That would've been embarrassing, as they already think I'm weird enough...

Thanks for the mental laugh!

joe burns said...

Love this scene!

Luke said...

I love when you break down scenes like this! (That one from Chicago comes to mind...) I also love the seamless transition into her bathroom confession with Lindsay right after this.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

walter okay fine, i admit gretchen is my favourite character (but not my fave performance).

anahita i grudgingly admit about tina, but this script is a classic (or should be).

heather definitely revisit. it's always fun to watch.

castor yes...and yes.

rachel ha. always happy to brighten up sundays.

joe glad you do.

luke i wanted to do the entire segue from her face after the christmas dance, to this then the bathroom confession, but i was too lazy. remember "one time my parents bought me this expensive pair of silver hoops for my birthday"...i lover her expression on that line. she's so good hair. gah.

Simon said...

I love this scene. Lacey Chabert doesn't get nearly enough movies.

Luke said...

Haha. I love Tina Fey and am so happy she wrote this movie. I really wish she would write more like this, maybe when 30 Rock lives out its lifespan...