Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Musical Meme

A musical meme has originated from HERE, and I've been on with the meme....
1. Open up your iTunes, music player, spin the CD, whatever, hit shuffle and tell us what is the first song to play…?
"Walk Like An Egyptian", remember that oldie? I do. If you wanna find all the cops they're hanging out in the donut shop.
2. Name your top 5 favourite bands/musicians of all time.
Okay this is one difficult question, and since even I’m unaware who’d fall in that list I’ll just list five from different genres. THE COMPOSER: Stephen Sondheim – I’m not head-over-heels for all things theatre, but this man can do wrong as far as I’m concerned. THE ICON: Michael Jackson, for being so prolific and for being so entertaining. THE QUEEN: Madonna – because she’s hot, and if you’re honest you’ll admit it, and because her music is so much fun. THE GROUP: Matchbox 20 – they’re just excellent. Often I’ll hear a Matchbox 20 song on the radio and get those nostalgic pangs remember their heyday. THE DIVA: Barbra Streisand – I know it’s weird for a straight male to pledge allegiance to Babs, but oh well. There. I said it. I can’t account for the loathing she undergoes. The woman can sing and she often ends up covering songs and making them sound way better than the originals. 
3. What was your first CD to own? (8 track, Record, CD, MP3 for the newbies)
I believe it was Lauryn Hill’s The Miseducation of Lauryn one of the most oddly riveting pieces from the genre, easily the premiere work of any female MC and possibly one of the greatest debuts. Each track is something special; it’s a pity that was the beginning and the end. listen
4. Of all the bands/artists in your cd/record collection, which one do you own the most albums by?
I really don’t hoard that many single cds or records, and then with I-tunes and Limewire and all that jazz often it’s just single songs…but I suppose Whitney Houston. My mother is a huge fan of hers and she’s given me interim control of her music…and that’s somewhere about a dozen albums.
5. What was the last song you listened to?
"Drops of Jupiter" by Train; they’re not particularly consistent but when they’re on they’re just brilliant. This remains as one of my favourite tracks of the last decade. listen
6. What song would you say sums you up?
I can’t choose one, so I’ll give three.
“Superman” from Five For the Fighting in that poignant way
“Great Big Stuff” from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels the musical sung by Norbert Leo Butz for the egocentric in us all
“I Have Confidence” for the bad days when we all need a pick-me-upper. Doesn’t Julie Andrews make everyone feel bright and bubbly inside (even this version is by the lovely Audra McDonald, isn't he great?), even though in all honesty I’m more dark and twisty so this song really doesn’t sum me up… but I couldn’t do a musical post and not include The Sound of Music
7. What’s your favourite local band or band that originated from your hometown?
Well you wouldn’t know any of them…since they haven't made it "big" I don’t even know what my home town is. I’ve lived in seven different places in the last fifteen years so…je ne sais pas.. but here's a Guyanese song...a medley of sorts...
8. What's the greatest concert you've ever been to?
Eh, never been to one. That does make me sound weird…but I’m not a fan of the local music scene, so nothing.
9. What musician would you like to hang out with for a day?
Ummmm, Kristin Chenoweth even though she’s not really a “musician”, but a day with her would be fuuuuuuuuuuuun.
10. What was the greatest decade for music?
I’m very tempted to say the nineties, for nostalgic reasons even though I’m well aware that this question just may be unanswerable.
11. What is your favourite movie soundtrack?
West Side Story, Sondheim and Bernstein create a score that’s dangerously close to perfection.
12. What’s the most awful CD/record/etc. you’ve ever bought?
Ashanti’s debut album. I loathe the woman; luckily I didn’t buy it for myself.
13. What's your favourite band t-shirt or poster?
Once again, no answer here.
14. Rolling Stones or The Beatles?
The Beatles win this easily, even though I don’t love them. I do love their writing but often prefer covers of the songs than their actual singing.
15. What is the one song you would most like played at your funeral? Your birthday? While on a romantic date?

"And I'm Telling You" (Whitney Houston) at my funeral. That would be EPIC!

"Being Alive" (Stephen Sondheim) on my birthday

"Bonnie & Clyde" (Jay-Z and Beyonce) on a date
Music first couple? Perhaps. Jay-Z is easily my favourite rapper, even though he’s not as prolific anymore (what with being a Tony nominee and all) and Beyonce is just consistently excellent. 
…and just because I want to…a list of fifteen random current artistes I like i.e. people you hear on the radio…
All American Rejects, Beyonce, Coldplay, Duffy, The Fray, Green Day, Justin Timberlake, Lifehouse, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, Michael Buble, Missy Misdemeanour Elliot, Nickelback, Train, Usher
Who to tag? Who to tag?
I’ll keep tagging Jose, even if he won’t play along (curmudgeon). Luke, Castor, Anahita, Walter, Cris, Peter. If music be the food of love, play on...


M. Carter @ the Movies said...

"Walk Like an Egyptian" is THE RINGTONE ON MY PHONE RIGHT NOW. Dude. I'm so not kidding!

Castor said...

Great that you posted the youtube to go with the songs. It really helps in getting to know your taste :)

I'm going to take a little break from Memes for a week or two but I will be sure to get this one down when the time comes!

Simon said...

Okay. Not my taste, but I have a week spot for "Walk Like An Egyptian".

Peter Chan said...

Finally did it. :P

Also, I absolutely love Raul Esparza's rendition of "Being Alive".