Monday, 10 May 2010

Music Break [...With Sara Ramirez]

Sara Ramirez has been turning in good work (sometimes excellent) on Grey’s Anatomy, though few seem to be noticing. The show stills fills me with some amount of dissonance, but what doesn’t? What many if you don’t know about the delectable Ms. Ramirez is that she’s a Tony Award Winner and an excellent singer. ABC actually asked her to take her pick of ABC shows when they say her perform in the Arthurian Farce Spamalot (for which she won her Tony). Here she is doing one of the best monologue songs I’ve heard – “Diva’s Lament”. Enjoy


The Mad Hatter said...

Love her.

You might have to do some digging, but see if you can track down her performance of "Fever" on Craig Ferguson's show from a few years back.

Robert said...

I love this song! it is just hysterical and she is amazing singing it.

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Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

mad hatter will try to track that down, she'd be fierce.

robert that she is, that she is.