Monday, 31 May 2010

May, A Look Back: How Was It?

I'm not usually in the habit of recapping months, but May seemed like it needed its own post.It easily takes the prize for the most hectic month this year (thus far). It came and went in a blur and yet I feel like it lasted forever, moreover I still feel like I’ve been hit by a hurricane. The end of May signals three things – final exams (ugh), heating up with the release of “prestige flicks” (The Kid Are All Right – I cannot, Inception - Marion and Leo, yum) and my birthday (in six days – sigh, getting older). Movie wise, May has been fairly good. I mean, Nanny McPhee was an all around delight and much more satisfying than the other sequel that was getting all the buzz. I’m still split on Chloe and Fish Tank (confused about both, though the latter is “better” - a word I use looesley) and How To Train Your Dragon was enjoyable – though I sincerely hope that this isn’t the best animated film we’ll be getting this year.
Of course, May had to end with a scorcher – the controversial release of Sex & the City . I’m really nonplussed about the controversy. I don’t particularly worship Ebert so I’m not wholly distressed by his rantings – it’s been done before. But I’m not sure why so many found it to be so offensive. To each his own I suppose, but Jose's word are quite sage.
Blogging wise: the nominees for the LAMMY’s have been announced. Congrats to all the nominees – especially those I voted for (Movies Kick Ass, M. Carter at the Movies, Movie Mobsters, Anomalous Material - Movies, A Life in Equinox, The Dark of the Matinee, Ross v Ross, He Shot Cyrus, Reel Whore) and a shoutout to all the great blogs (especially those I voted for) that weren’t nominated (Journalistic Skepticism, The Kid in the Front Row, The Floating Red Couch, The M0vie Blog, Four of Them).
I've been so loopy LAMB Casting is only now in its voting stages. I hope you've cast your votes.
I’m not particularly looking forward to what June brings, but I sure am glad to be done with May. Here’s to hoping June is a little more…peaceful.
How was your May? Looking forward to June?

Strangely, this month was so hectic and yet I've meted out 56 posts. Strange.


Simon said...

My May sucked, but I'm hoping to finish something before July, so I really just want to get into June.

Thanks for asking!

Castor said...

May was all right if you compare it to the incredible emptiness of January-April. Nevertheless, this Memorial weekend was one of the most bland in recent memory, I look forward to June and more importantly July!

Jose said...

Sadly I'm not looking out for any movies this year. Except the one everyone hates lol.
It did seem like a pretty busy month for you though, great pieces along the way too!
About growing older, as long as you do it with dignity you'll be alright as for exams I'm so happy I've been out of school for so long so I can't really say anything about that lol.

Heather said...

Oh thank you so much for the vote! It sincerely means a lot!

Aside from the surprise of Robin Hood, and a "From the Vault" viewing of The Prestige, this was a rather damper month. I'm excited for June though, and July looks even better. The summer is officially here and hopefully it doesn't let me down!

Robert said...

May was interesting, I saw a couple of great movies but you're right, it was crazy. Aghh!