Friday, 14 May 2010

Comedy Tonight Last Night

It seems whatever I do I end up posting this late, but things are busy so I may be MIA for most of the weekend.
I often wonder why of all the networks that have good shows the two hours I watch on NBC (the only time I spend on the network) are the two hours I choose to review. The episodes of NBC’s comedy slot this Thursday reminded me why. Each comedy upped their standard this week getting right on track for next week’s season finales.

Community embraced its ridiculous and delivered a very decent episode. Lo and behold, Senor Chang turns out to be a Spanish teacher without credentials. It’s a believable plot point and Ken Jeong is a good part of the cast so it will be interesting seeing him become a student next semester. The main plot of Annie’s desperation to keep the group together was endearing in its own odd way, but I wasn’t buying the secondary intrigue of Troy becoming a plumber. It wasn’t that it was random, but it’s just peculiar. Hopefully, it’s addressed in further episodes so it doesn’t end up being just incongruous. All in all, though, Community is back on track with their own brand of weird comedy, and the closing piece revealing Pierce’s affiliation with the Spanish teacher was excellent, and completely in keeping with the weirdness of Community.
Teacher: You were gone when I woke up.
Pierce: I left when I woke up. I’m an early riser.
Teacher(seductively): I know. 
Parks & Recreation continues to impress. Of the four comedies it had the most plot development last night, but it didn’t skimp on the funny. Rob Lowe’s eccentric auditor is well played, and completely unlike we’ve seen him before. Chris Pratt continues to turn in excellent (albeit ignored) performances. The absurdity with the would-be relationship between him and Aubrey is sweet, and it felt strangely authentic, even if I did prefer his chemistry with Rashida Jones. Speaking of Jones, she was on point throughout the entire episode. Her subtle plays and drunkenness were hilarious but never over the top and she and Amy Poehler just work excellently together. It’s anyone’s bet what’s going to become of Leslie’s office and job, and it seems Schneider is set for his imminent departure, but even though I’m a fan of his it seems with the new things pending on the show it’s still going to remain as one of the NBC’s greatest treasures and I will admit Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones looks like a good venture. I have to give a shout out to the weird (but hilarious) plot point of Ben’s political career. It seems Leslie may have met her match, though not in the way we would have imagined.

Leslie: (offering to pay for a drink) Oh no, Mr. Mayor – let me. (She takes out the money). Whoomp. There it is!
The Office continues on its streak of improvement. It was nice seeing the entire office come together in anticipation of Michael’s sadness – which was not exactly forthcoming. I wasn’t too keen on Andy taking Michael to visit Donna’s husband, but seeing Dwight and Angela’s legal battle over the child-to-be was freakishly brilliant (like their provisions for the possibility of the child being born a la Benjamin Button). The ensuing settlement for five times of sex was odd and only confuses me more about Angela’s motives – but in a good way. Seeing Pam and Jim struggle with staying awake became even more hilarious when they ended up going down to the basement for a sleep while Angela and Dwight proceeded to their first sexual rendezvous. One thing about Carrell on The Office is his goodness, so even though the ending could have come as preachy we just don’t expect Michael to be a cheater, which made the episode a success.

Andy: Look at the movies. The hero is always the person being cheated on. You’re Ali Larter, I’m Beyonce.
Michael: I’m always Beyonce.
And 30 Rock delivers a solid episode, even if it was sorely lacking in the lovely Jane Krakowski. Julianne Moore’s return with the oddest of Boston accents was a delight as Nancy. Liz backtracking through a few of her old boyfriends was not particularly inspired, but still enjoyable and Tracy dealing with has past was the perfect blend of honesty and ridiculousness that we’ve come to expect from those crazy folks there at 30 Rock. Though I prefer Moore’s Nancy to Banks Avery I can’t see her staying on as a 30 Rock regular, but her guest appearances are fulfilling and it looks as if we may be seeing some more of Michael Sheen in the future which is always a delight.

Jack: (referring to Nancy) She put on red underwear. You’d think it would clash with her hair, but it didn’t.
Community," English As A Second Language": B
30 Rock, "Emmanuelle Goes to Dinosaur Land": B+
The Office, "The Chump": B+
Parks & Recreation, "The Master Plan": A-

#2 – The Office – Angela & Dwight’s legal battle. It brought back memories of better times between the two and on The Office.
#1 – Tracy’s emotional delivery of Garfield’s lines was excellent. Jordan is always over the top, but it just clicked here. 
Did you watch the Thursday lineup last night? Thoughts?              


Luke said...

Oh man! I was so excited to comment on my favorite Office quote (possibly of the season), but you hit the nail on the head! "I am Beyonce always!" It was hysterical. I love that you start conversations about NBC Thursday on a weekly basis (even if it seems like it's just you and me talking about it). It's the best night of the week in terms of television.

Simon said...

I love Community. I don't really watch anything else. In short, yes, I'd probably agree with you.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

luke yeah, well better me and you than me talking alone (not as much fun, trust me).

simon well it's back to good, and yvette nicole brown is just hilarious. horoscopes are the devil trying to trick us.