Saturday, 8 May 2010

And So He Linked...

So Iron Man II  is out, so I guess everyone's really excited or disappointed, depending on what you thought of it. I'm still mulling over it for a while but you can enjoy two reviews meanwhile. Jose is not a big fan, though he does like some things. Tim also gives his thoughts on the imminenet Summer blockbuster with some fairly similar thoughts...Have you seen it as yet? What were thoughts?
Yojimbo gives some ink to 2008 release In Bruges (and one of my top 5 that year). He's more than a little positive? Were you a fan of the Farrell comedy?
James D is wondering if life - movies in particular - ever wear you down. He raises some potent points (even if he knocks Nine and Avatar and Coraline in the process).
Darren writes an excellent review of the one that started them all, Spider Man.

Mike is in the process of looking at 27 movies that changed the trade. Head over there daily for the writeups.
Robert ranks the Glee cast members. Tsk, tsk, Lea Michele at #10. Mais, non!

What are you waiting for this Summer? Jonathan gives his list...apparently he's a fan of Adrien Brodey..

Alex finally saw A Single Man...he's generally positive. 
Rachel makes a list of three films that are inspired by Shakespeare. Take a gander.
Luke writes an excellent piece on the enjoyable Sister Act, why isn't Whoopi acting anymore?
...and Heather is back with ten more delicious villians...I am enjoying this series...ooh look, Glenn false alarm. Sigh.

As always check the side-bar for more updates. Enjoy.


TomS said...

I just wanted to mention your new header indelible image from The English Patient....I was spellbound watching this...

Luke said...

Thank you much for the link sir! (You always tend to have such a diverse crop of linkage when you do these posts. So, I also thank you for the reading material!) :)

Heather said...

Glenn Close was in once, I think I'll leave her be for now at least. :)

Awesome list of links here. I've read about half of them myself and they are awesome!

CrazyCris said...

I've already voiced my opinion on Iron Man... and although I understand quite a few people aren't happy with it, I had FUN! I didn't expect anything more out of the experience so for me it was a success. Although if I had to mention one note that bugged me it was the drunken party... to discordant imo.
In any case, RDJ is once again fabulous and mesmerises us to such a point it's easy to ingore/forgive the flaws in this popcorn movie.

Alex in Movieland said...

oh, you just needed an excuse to post a photo of Julianne :P

admit it!

Mike Lippert said...

Hey, thanks for linking to the list, and trust me, as good as the stuff that is there right now, the best is still to come.

Rachel said...

Thanks for the link love! Shakepseare has been good to me the past couple of weeks.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

tom s you have no idea how happy that makes me. i'm always chuffed when someones says they like tep

luke you're welcome, and you're welcome.

heather it's weird i'm campaigning for glenn to top the list of villains when i'm such a big fan of hers, but i guess she's just good evil.

cris rdj sure is charismatic.

alex true. i was going to publish her alone, but seeing it's a single man i had to include collin for political reasons :)

mike good to know.

rachel shakespeare's good to all, even if he's difficult to read at times :)

Robert said...

Thank you much for the link!!! Sorry about Lea, hehe :P