Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Wrapping Up: Performances of the Decade (Males)

Little by little I’m doing my bit to exorcise the past from my regular posts. I’m on the verge of wrapping up those “decade in review” posts I began ages ago. You though I’d already finished, didn’t you? Well, not quite. I’ve already given you the fifteen male performances I’ve admired most this decade, so I’ll unveil the entire fifty. Before I do, though, if you're wondering about the picture of Anthony...he's the actor of the 90s in my book and I just love him in The Remains of the Day.
Click on the links for performance reviews of the top 15.
*Albert Finney in Big Fish
*Alfred Molina in An Education
*Ben Foster in The Messenger
Benicio Del Toro in 21 Grams
Benicio Del Toro in Traffic
Casey Afleck in The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford
Christopher Walken in Catch Me If You Can
Clive Owen in Closer
*Collin Farrell in In Bruges
Daniel Day Lewis in Gangs of New York
Daniel Day Lewis in There Will Be Blood
Don Cheadle in Hotel Rwanda
Ed Harris in Pollock
Ethan Hawke in Training Day
*Ewan McGregor in Big Fish
*Ewan McGregor in Moulin Rouge!
Frank Langella in Frost/Nixon
Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain
Jackie Earle Haley in Little Children
Jake Gyllenhaal in Brokeback Mountain
*James McAvoy in Atonement
Javier Bardem in Before Night Falls
*Jim Broadbent in Moulin Rouge!
*Jim Carrey in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
 Joaquin Phoenix in Walk the Line
Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean
*Jude Law in Closer
Jude Law in Cold Mountain
*Leonardo DiCaprio in Revolutionary Road (WINNER)
Leonardo DiCaprio in The Aviator
*Mark Ruffalo in You Can Count On Me
*Paul Dano in Little Miss Sunshine
Paul Giamati in Cinderella Man
*Paul Schneider in Bright Star
Russell Crow in Gladiator
Tom Wilkinson in In the Bedroom
*Viggo Mortenson in The Road
Willem Dafoe in Shadow of a Vampire
Musings on the list:
- As noted by the asterisk, 22 of these performances were not recognised by Oscar, it’s a shame on the Oscars part. But then again, it’s not really that surprising.
- I've got waaaaaaaaaay to few supporting performances here, don't I?
- I love all the performances above, but the bolded ones are the top half. So they're my twenty-five favourites...Fifty is so much, and I still feel like I left out some exceptional ones.
- Unsurprisingly Leo features the most on the list with his three performances. I did say before he was favourite actor of the last decade. Greats like Day Lewis and Seymour Hoffman among others are there twice.
- I find it so weird that Viggo Mortenson came out of nowhere to give two (perhaps even three, or four) great performances in this last decade. I wonder if we can expect more great things to come from his this decade.
- Ewan McGregor and Mark Ruffalo both impressed in the first half of the decade, but they’ve faltered since. Is a comeback imminent for either?
What do you think of the list? Which performances do you feel I’ve egregiously snubbed here? Which inclusions surprised you most?


Luke said...

I like this list! I understand how hard it is to choose supporting performances over lead ones... it becomes troublesome. And although, I mixed my female and male performances together for my best of the decade list, I can only spot four that we agreed on! So yay for diversity of opinions! :)

Robert said...

Great list!!! I'm glad you recognized some of the "overlooked" performances, like Paul Dano. It's too bad he got so ignored for that performance!

Simon said...

Great list. I especially like that you included Ben Whishaw and Brad Pitt for Jesse James. They were both eclisped by Cornish and Affleck, respectively, but they were just as good. So.

joe burns said...

I didn't care for Whishaw and Harris, but a lot of these performances I haven't seen.

Jose said...

Wonderful! Although I'd put Dano for Blood not Sunshine.
Love that you love Leo so much!

Castor said...

Lovely list although I'm disappointed to see Christian Bale for American Psycho, Christoph Waltz for Inglourious Basterds or Ryan Gosling in Half Nelson. I'm just nitpicking, I know perfectly that 50 is just not enough to honor everyone who deserves it ;) Looking forward to see the same list for the actresses of the decade.

Danny King said...

I think I might have forgotten to comment on your #1 choice for this category, but I absolutely love your DiCaprio pick in Revolutionary Road. I think it is his most impressive performance to date, although he has had so many great performances that my opinion must be taken with a grain of salt.

anahita said...

I agree with most of these - except maybe I would have bolded where you didn't - Johnny Depp and Jim Carrey are ones which spring to mind xx

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

luke yay for diversity, i guess...but only four. yikes.

robert dano easily trumps everyone in the cast for me

simon glad you're liking whishaw and pitt.

joe which of harris' performance do you not like.

jose everything about there will be blood seems to pale with repeat viewings.

castor aaah, bale was especially good. the women will be forthcoming.

danny glad you liked leo in rr

ana it was ESPECIALLY hard leaving Depp off.

DEZMOND said...

Oh, Ewan McGregor in "Moulin Rouge". That's the best example of Oscars injustice. The whole movie should've won Oscars for film of the year, female performance (Nicole), male performance (Ewan), director, supporting actor (Broadbent), sets, music... I think they got just costumes and make-up, if I remember correctly, you will know it better, Andrew.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

dezmond art direction and costume, and it wasn't enough. i'd have been fine if it lost the top prizes to gosford park or lotr...but blood under the bridge. we'll always have paris, n'est ce pas?

DEZMOND said...

Ah, those Academy members never understood the groove of Elephant Love Medley :)

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

dezmond the bastards! but i always figured that it was having "like a virgin" that cinched its imminent loss. you know they hate madonna (see Evita) but then again, so do you :)