Friday, 30 April 2010

Lucky Number Se7en

I've been sitting on this meme invitation for the last week or so. Shame. So this is me rectifying that.
1. What was your first movie going experience?
I have absolutely no idea what was my first but I know The Wizard of Oz was an early one, and that’s one of the reasons I’ve always been such a lover of Judy Garland.
2. How many DVDs do you own?Anywhere between 100 and 200. I have a bad habit of lending, and never getting them back but I’m learning to be more selfish so the number should grow exponentially by year’s end.
3. What is your guilty pleasure movie?

Le Divorce…but I don’t really feel guilty about that. It’s a good movie that unfortunately many people don’t realise. A bad movie that I like nonetheless…Charlie’s Angel: Full Throttle…but no guilt there either. I don’t think the word is in my vocabulary.
4. You have compiled a list of your top 100 movies. Which movies don’t make the cut?
Well many, of course. Citizen Kane and Schindler’s List, because I don’t care for either that much. Lawrence of Arabia and The Ten Commandments – because there’s not enough space. Bright Star and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button because movies released 2008 and later are not included on the list.
5. Which movie(s) do you compulsively watch over and over again?
Gosford Park, The English Patient, Howards End, An Education, Shakespeare in Love. Compulsive is a word I know well.
6. Classic(s) you’re embarrassed you haven’t seen?
Mean Streets, Interiors. The former because Scorsese is my God, and I haven’t seen enough of his early work and the latter because Woody’s dramatic foray has gotten so much press (and it stars Diane, Maureen and Geraldine) that I should at least see it to make a deicison.
7. What movie posters do you have hanging on your wall?
Not the poster kind of person, but The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King’s poster hangs proudly in my (old) room – now known as the bookroom.
I’m not tagging anyone, too lazy. If you’re feeling meme-ish have your fill and answer the questions…I’m passing it on to you.


CrazyCris said...

interesting answers... but I'm feeling lazy too and am waaay behind on a couple of posts I'd like to write so I'll pass!

But the first movie I remember seeing in the cinema was the Goonies! Must have seen others before then (since at that point we'd been living in the States again for a year... before then in a country without cinemas), but they didn't stick with me as much! Indeed, I seem to remember having seen it at least 2-3 times when it came out. Is actually one of the only movies I've watched the dvd with the comentary (which is HILARIOUS!!!)

joe burns said...

1. We have the same answer!

2. Probably 40, 50. I own VHS more then DVD.

3. . I'm not sure. I know there must be one, but I don't know what at the moment.

4. I haven't made one yet, but I'm not really sure.

5. Hannah And Her Sisters, Annie Hall, All About Eve, Cabaret.

6. Krammer Vs. Krammer, Taxi Driver, Baby Doll.

7. Chicago , Howl's Moving Castle (Though it's not one of my favorite films)

This was a very interesting post! And if you need a link to Interiors, I can give you one.

Mike Lippert said...

Yeah, Charlie Angels 2 was entertaining wasn't it? By no means good, but fun. Certainly better than the unwatchable first one.

Castor said...

The movies you compulsively watch all have an English background. Is there a reason for that?

Great 7 facts!

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

cris i don't even know what the goonies is.

joe you've never seem kramer vs kramer. that seems so odd to me.

mike i like the first incarnation just as much. yikes, i'm depressing.

castor whoa. i did not even notice that. i'm not british, but i do love them.

CrazyCris said...

NOT know what the Goonies is?! Catastrophe!!!

Go find it and watch it NOW!!!

It's only the best kids' movie EVER!!! Adventure, Pirates, Treasure, Booby traps, Italian mobsters, an inventor...

CMrok93 said...

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle is a fun movie, just not as much as wit as the first one. Check out my list here :