Thursday, 29 April 2010

Literary Pursuits

I always like to see cinema mentioned in other art forms, especially when it’s an inside joke of sorts. One of the plays I’m reading at the moment – Moon On A Rainbow Shawl – is a Caribbean piece examining the social ideology of post war Trinidad, but I love this particular snippet between two of the main characters.
Rosa: You is a real good looking man, you know?
Ephraim: Good looking, like who?
Rosa: Robert Taylor…
Ephraim: Please. Go way!
Rosa: Jimmy Stewart…?
Ephraim: He good lookin’?
Rosa: William Holden…?
Ephraim: Yes, that’s it. Me and he is twins!
Despite liking him in Picnic and Sunset Boulevard, I still find that Holden rarely interests me as an actor, sometimes bordering on tedious. But I’m speaking as a straight male? Jimmy? Robert? William? Who wins on looks?
(Not on talent – Jimmy obviously wins for that, right?)


anahita said...

Jimmy. 100%. No competition. He's so cute xD xxxxxx

Fritz said...

William Holden, easily!

Yojimbo said...

Taylor is a beautiful looking man, and I say he's the best looking personification of man-hood of the three (and I'm straight--not that there's anything wrong with that...). But, I can't stand his acting. "Imitation of Life" about sums it up in words.

Stewart's the most talented, absolutely. But, you need to get out and see more Holden if you find him tedious. Sometimes, the material doesn't fit him--"Picnic" he's too old for the part--but his Billy Wilder pictures (even "Sabrina"), "The Wild Bunch," "Network," there has never been a man so dignified being indignant.

Simon said...

Jimmy. Duh.