Friday, 9 April 2010

The Links Are All Right

Remember my posts a few months back about films I’m anticipating this year, well the trailer for one of the top ten is out and (naturally) it looks smashing. The Kids Are All Right will be released in July and stars the Great Annette, the lovely Julianne and the talented Mr. Ruffalo. I get so happy when I see Annette laughing. Sigh.

Tell me what you think of the trailer, folks.
I can’t wait, but moving on…
Glenn Dukes has what seems like one of the best ideas I’ve ever heard on recapping the decade in film. He gave his first of a few posts in the series recently and you should check it out – from Elle Woods to John Keats to Ashley Johnsten, everything’s there on this lovely list. I think it's my favourite post this past week.
Anahita took a break from being studious at Oxford. She writes about a favourite film of hers, I Capture the Castle. I’m really not too fond of the piece, but Romola Garai is marvellous in it. What are your thoughts on the coming of age drama?
I’ve still not seen Alice in Wonderland which is making me antsy, but Jose saw it and he gave it good feedback. So I’m not as worried about seeing, just worried what The Red Queen would do if she knew she has been forsook...
What are your thoughts on Judy Holliday’s Best Actress win or Renee Zellweger’s Chicago nomination? Joe offers up his thoughts on the latter and Fritz writes on the former. I’m fond of both blondies, even though Holliday takes an edge. Why is her performance so maligned, it’s not her fault she beat out Margo Channing.
Simon gives us some flicks that WILL NOT BE SEEN in 2010 by her. Three of the films in my top 40 anticipated are on it, one's actually in my top ten. Yikes.
The extra astute Nick Davis gives Mary Pickford a horrid birthday present, but it’s still excellent reading. It makes me glad I can’t recall seeing Coquette.
thistimeitwillbedifferent questions if Se7en is Fincher’s best…is it? He actually changed his site name to Film Intel, but I just like writing his original moniker
You can always look to the sidebar for dozens of other interesting blog entries, and if you see I’m a little indiscernible on the blogosphere this coming week, it’s only because University is actually getting challenging. Ugh, school is such a drag at times, thank God for automated posting…


joe burns said...

I think Holliday's win is one of those love/hate wins. As I've said, I don't hate it, but I didn't think she did anything that great. Plus, she beat Bette Davis (!), Gloria Swanson (!), and Anne Baxter (!). Davis is perhaps my favorite nominee ever and Swanson and Baxter were brilliant as well. Thanks for including me in your post!

anahita said...

"Anahita took a break from being studious at Oxford."

correction: Anahita took a break from pretending to be studious at Oxford. Literally. My mother corrected my french at dinner time. She knows no french. fml.

but thanks for the link darling :D

eeek, am seeing alice in wonderland tomorrow!! Am hoping and praying it'll be good, I have quite high hopes (although am slightly wary of the great plot changes...)

and dw about uni getting in the way, I barely posted in my first term at the 'ford. xxx

Simon said...

"Three of the films in my top 40 anticipated are on it, one's actually in my top ten. Yikes."

Oh. Sorry...

Film Intel said...

Ha ha, love the link through to the Seven article. thistimeitwillbedifferent will never die!