Friday, 9 April 2010


I’ve been busy lately, and I haven’t been watching as much of anything as I usually do – especially television. It’s old news by now, but I was bit dismayed by the news of two departures from television shows I usually love. Emmy Winner Katherine Heigl of Grey’s Anatomy and Paul Schneider (one of the lone persons of normalcy on the hilarious Parks & Recreation), have left their posts on their respective shows. I’ve been following Grey’s sporadically this season, because of time issues. Sure, it’s not as good as it used to, but I’m still a (tempered) fan. I’ve always been very fond of Heigl’s work, but her character had become so shrill I wasn’t too sure what the writers were up to. Poor Justin Chambers (who I feel was robbed of Emmy love last season) can’t even catch a break with Alex. I figure there’s no romantic steadiness imminent for him, since he and Heigl’s Izzie severed their marriage of a few months. Grey’s just isn’t the same without the original people, even T. R. Knight, who was won’t to annoy me on occasion, saddened me with his departure. I really would like for Grey’s to get back on track, for their sake at least (I still love Pompeo, Chambers, Oh and Wilson) but I’m not too sure how’s that working out.
I’ll be missing Schneider too on Parks & Recreation, I will admit that I preferred his weird chemistry with Poehler’s Leslie Knope to his romance with Rashida Jones’ Ann. They were just both too normal for each other. Schenider presented a balance to Parks & Recreation with his sedate humour and sense, and even though I’m glad he’s pursuing his film career after his excellent turn in Bright Star, it’s still sad when an original leave. I’m not so worried for the fate of the show, though. With the excellent cast, things are looking good…if only they’d get Megan Mullally back for another guest stint… and Schenider says he’s willing to return to the show if his schedule permits, so I guess all bets aren’t off.
Maybe I’m just a sucker for consistency; I’ll admit I don’t like when things change, but what are your thoughts on cast members leaving their TV shows. Sure, life must go on, and careers will grow but it always pains me. Then I heard Charlie Sheen is threatening to leave Two & A Half Men. That doesn’t bother me so much; they just cancel that atrocity.


RC said...

It depends on the show, but sometimes new cast members help liven things up, bring freshness and let characters show different sides of themselves.

Of course, having someone move on can make the one thing that makes the show work suddenly not work - it's chemistry.

CrazyCris said...

I think (at least in the case of Greys) this might be a sign it's time close up shop... it's just not as interesting without the interaction of these characters, the new ones don't fit in right... and things just seem to be getting more melodramatic than before. But it's like watching a train wreck, I can't look away!

Marcy said...

I haven't watched GA since season two, but seriously, Kate Walsh, T.R. Knight, and Katherine Heigl were some of the best actors ever to grace GA. Without them, the show must be/will be kinda...blah.

I've seen a couple of episodes of P&R (that show is definitely an acquired taste, though) and Paul Schenider was kinda awesome in all of them? And it's really depressing that he's leaving? Oh yeah, I loved him in All the Real Girls too.

Alex in Movieland said...

not a fan of Izzy Stevens. they need more Christina Yang, to bring back the dead mother and Kate Walsh.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

rc precisely. sometimes old and new cast members just don't gel as well.

crazy cris i know what you mean, though. i still can't completely jump ship and stop watching.

marcy i used to pray that private practice would tank so that kate would be back, but no luck.

alexsandra oh is always excellent, but what i miss most is the banter between the original five. although i forgot to mention, i love sara ramirez too. she's so excellent.