Wednesday, 28 April 2010

20 Word Film Blog-a-thon

Owing to The Kid, I've got to now tell you why I love the cinema...but in 20 words. Yikes! So, here goes....clicking on the links would probably clear up any confusion....

Why DO I Love the Cinema?

Katey, Marty, George.
Rebels: Old and New
Merchant Ivory Schlegel Sisters
Musicalscomedies Woody to Judy.
Ingénues and veterans
...Love & War
No it's not a coherent paragraph, God knows, I couldn't manage that in twenty order of The Kid - get bloggin'!


Wild Celtic said...

Yes, indeed.

Jose said...

By George you obviously mean Clooney, right?
Haha just kidding, cute composition.

Luke said...

Ah, Glenn. Get that woman some big film roles so she can win the Oscar already! Lovely poem, Andrew. :)