Tuesday, 23 March 2010

What's Linkin'?

I really should do these posts regularly, but I'm too lazy - and my sidebar is so full of blogs - you can do the work can't you. Anyhow, I'm pointing the way to a few recent posts that have tickled my brain in some way.
Luke gives a lovely, musical post. I'm not sure how to describe it though, but go ahead over there. It's excellent, though
Mike examines some conundrums of the blogger/reviewer.
Kurosawa fanatic Univarn reviews Seven Samurai ending his month long devotion to the director. I really should get more au fait with Kurosawa's films. Anyone else out there love the guy?
Miranda, Tim, Danny and Mad Hatter each offered up their thoughts on The Runaways.I'm still not sure I want to see this, it's just not enticing me. Still, even though I don't LOVE Dakota Fanning I hope her career goes well.
Jose's returned from Mexico where he had the time of his life apparently, luck bastard (said with endearment). Here's what he thought. Times two.
Nicholas is one obsessed fan of Winslet. But who can blame him?
Joel does another excellent movie review, this time focusing on Oscar winner The Blind Side. Can I just say that even though I'd come to grips with it, when I saw that ad praising Bullock's performance I almost fell out of my chair, but oh well.
If this doesn't assuage your appetite look the sidebar where there are dozens more blog entries to peruse.


MovieMan0283 said...

Thanks, Andrew - I thought she was probably the strongest element of the movie, but that's not saying very much!

Simon said...

I love Kurosawa, but I'm a bad fan. I've only seen Seven Samurai and half of Rashoman.

Castor said...

Thanks for the blogroll add. I just noticed ;) I will do the same!