Sunday, 7 March 2010

Oh Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan. What Happened?

I’ve been waiting for about five years now for Jonathan Rhys Myers to turn into the next rising star in Hollywood and still no avail. It’s a good thing I’m not the betting type, I’d have lost a crapload of money by now. The first time I remember him was in 2005’s Match Point. Sure I was getting all hot and bothered for Scarlett in what has since endured as her best performance (thus far) but I was impressed by Jonathan as the sly Chris. It’s the sort of performance than you expect to be a star making one. Woody always caters to his actors and it was a leading role. True, Match Point didn’t catch on like it was supposed to but it wasn’t a bust. It was underrated, but not hated. Still nothing happened.
Then along came The Tudors. I haven’t watched it in a while but for the first two seasons it was one of the best shows on TV and I still can’t understand how the hell he didn’t end up with at least an Emmy nomination. I’m still royally pissed about that – pun intended. Now obviously, it’s a British series and whatnot but I don’t get what the Emmy was trying to prove since they were nominating it left and right for technical awards but nothing for the writing, direction and nothing for Jonathan. He’s been coasting along since – August Rush was passable, but still nothing exceptionally good (or bad). And then – From Paris with Love. What can I say? I wonder who the target audience for this film is. The illogicality of it all is simply astounding and when did Jonathan turn into a bad actor? I mean I’ve never been a fan of Travolta and the ship has sailed on his good days, but Jonathan was sooooooooooo wooden. Does bad acting (Travolta’s) transfer through proximity?
To say the least, I’m disappointed. I was hoping back in the day that he’d turn into the new Jude Law - and you know how I feel about Jude -  but that doesn’t look too promising. Maybe he just has a really bad American accent…that would explain much. But I can’t make any excuses for From Paris with Love. Just bad, bad, bad. Sheesh. Thank god I saw it for free.
Jonathan in The Tudors (Seasons 1- 2): A-
Jonathan in Match Point: B+
Jonathan in From Paris With Love: C-
From Paris With Love: D-


Jose said...

I know man, it could've at least tried to be more fun but it was just blah.
We'll always have "Velvet Goldmine" though.

Alex in Movieland said...

hmmm... I've somehow never been a fan. He looked fierce in Velvet Goldmine, but I kind of dislike his real-life persona... so I don't really look for him in movies.

Match Point was a delight, but not because of him.

Michele Emrath said...

Never been a fan, either, except for that glam rock movie he made with Ewen McGregor...And I do enjoy The Tudors, especially the first season.

Special Oscars post on my blog today--and The Hurt Locker review to come soon.


CrazyCris said...

I totally fell for him in "Bend it like Beckham"! (which if you haven't seen you totally should btw!)

He was the only thing I truly enjoyed in Match Point, and he's great in The Tudors. I was never going to watch "From Paris with Love" because much as I'll watch him in almost everything, I REFUSE to watch Travolta in anything! :p

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

jose, alex: you both mention velvet goldmine which i've never seen. should i?

michele i should probably start watching the tudors again. is it still any good?

crazy cris i only now remember him from beckham when you mention it. but that was all keira for me even though i didn't LOVE it.

James D. said...

Yeah, I was expecting more after Match Point as well. For shame.

Luke said...

Yeah for Bend it Like Beckham! You're definitely right about him being sort of in the background though... I've gotta say that movie for me was less about Knightley and more about Parminder Nagra (she needs to make more movies!) and Juliet Stevenson (hysterical).

Darren said...

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Rhys-Myers in Dublin a few years back - very nice man. I'm not quite sure why he hasn't really broken out. I don't think it's a poor choice of roles - as much as you may mock From Paris With Love, it shows flexibility - but I do get the sense he really should be doing better, but I can't explain why he isn't.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

james for shame indeed. i get so annoyed when talent is squandered.

luke parminder too, but she too has squandered her talents...but then, she probably does get much role offers.

darren well i really didn't like from paris.... hopefully he wises up.