Tuesday, 23 March 2010

My Life In Film: Movie Meme

This is actually a repost from ages ago when only few were reading, but it's an interesting thought and I do like when bloggers participate in these meme like posts. I'm not ordering you, just gently cajoling. It's one of those weird "games" I thought of one day to pass the time...play along. The rules are simple, your answer must be a film - that's it. Be inventive, and you can give me the links to your prospective posts in the comments...I'll link them...
Gender: Iron Man
Describe Yourself: Dangerous Liaisons
How Do You Feel Right Now: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Where Do You Live: Mean Streets
What's the Weather Like There: Purple Rain
Where Would You Like To Go Right Now: New York/New York
What's Your Biggest Fear: Atonement
Your Life Is A Film, Give It A Name: Defiance
What Will You Be Doing Today: Singin' In the Rain
Give Us A Piece of Advice: Wait Until Dark
So go ahead, and do the deed. Be inventive!
Jude fills out the survey...
Simon does the same...
Luke goes classic on my, sort of
Mike's choices actually make sense
Robert fills it out, I won't like to be living where he chose though
Peter Chan probably gives the best advice
Anna continues the trend with some inspired choices.


Jude said...

I filled this out and it's available at my blog! It was fun, thanks!

Simon said...

I...will get on that.

Robert said...

I just finished it and posted! Lots of fun.

Luke said...

I'm in! Check on over at the ol' blog.

Mike Lippert said...

Woo, I did it too!

Peter Chan said...

followed suit!

MovieNut14 said...

Mine's up.