Sunday, 28 March 2010

My Coming of Age Drama...

CS from Big Thoughts From a Small Mind has a feature over at LAMB - Pitch the LAMB.
This month, we're doing coming of age films.
Examples of the Genre: The Graduate, Zombieland, Almost Famous, The Goonies, Big, Heavenly Creatures, Rushmore, Sixteen Candles, Stand By Me, An Education, Ghost World, To Sir With Love, Y tu mamá también, But I'm A Cheerleader, Dazed and Confused
10 words/phrases to get you started:

10 words/phrases to get you started:

1. Working
2. He's going to kill you...
3. Loner
4. She does not know I am alive...
5. Hey Frankie...
6. Kissed
7. Do not tell Dad...
8. Virginity
9. You did what?
10. Grounded

Here’s my entry: Untitled – a melodrama
Here’s a plot synopsis:
It is sometime in the 1930s – England, a few years before the war. 17 year old orphan, Patrick Clifton is shipped off to the countryside (from the orphanage) to his aunt Jennifer. Jennifer has, for some time, been married to Geoffrey Alabster – a businessman of some sort. He and Jennifer live on their estate with his daughter Margaret (23), which sits just next to a railroad track. Margaret is being wooed by Ashley Crawford – a nobleman. Ashley makes a marriage proposition to Margaret. She coyly vows to respond at a later date. Ashley is displeased, but doesn’t show it. Patrick is drawn to Margaret, who uses his naïveté as a means of go-between her and Jonathan Adams – one of the servants. Patrick idealistically feels that there is mutuality in his affection towards Margaret; he fails to realise she doesn’t know (or care) that he’s alive 4, other than as an envoy. He inadvertently wanders in on Margaret losing her virginity 8 to Jonathan one evening. Aghast, Margaret urges him not to tell her father 7. He impetuously kisses her 6, which upsets her. She slaps him impulsively. He storms to his room. Certain that her father will soon learn of her indiscretion with Jonathan, she hurries to him and the two decide to leave the Alabaster home. Margaret hastens to her room to pack some things, Jennifer happens upon her in the process. She reluctantly confesses that she’s leaving. Jennifer attempts to stop her, warning her that her father will kill her 2. Unheeding Jennifer’s words she goes down to the grounds. As she exits the door her father and Ashley come from his library. Geoffrey has just granted Ashley permission to marry her. She is infuriated, questioning him furiously 9. She then turns on her heels (and scoffing) tells them of her plans. They follow her across the estate where she meets Jonathan. Despite the ensuing threats of her father she makes to leave with him. Ashley rashly reaches a gun in his pocket, shooting and killing Jonathan. Naturally, a train is coming down the tracks and Margaret leaps onto the tracks – and dies. We cut to the aghast face of Patrick as we fade to the credits.
Margaret / Keira Knightley
Jonathan / Dominic Cooper
Patrick / Freddy Highmore
Jennifer / Kristin Scott Thomas
Ashley / Rupert Friend
Geoffrey / Ralph Fiennes
NOTE: I'm not mad, I am completely aware that there is no titular coming of age in the film - but you know me...I'm weird like that. I'm stuck on a name for maudlin tragedy. Any suggestions, reader?


Simon said...

I don't know...that seems like a combination of Pride and Prejudice and Atonement. But I'd see it, just give Patrick a love interest and you're good.

CS said...

Personally, I think the pitch works as a coming of age film, you clearly see Margaret's growth as she struggles for independence. I also like that you made Margaret such a strong and complex character, especially for the era the film takes place. Great pitch.