Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The Guessing Game

When I posted that new banner for my site I just happened to solicit your guesses for the origin of the picture. Little did I know that you all would be totally clueless to the film. I'm actually smirking, because nothing pleases me more than keeping secrets (but not for long).

So,because I'm me and I like to lead you on sound off below in the comments. The winner will get bragging rights (that's really all I can give you).
The argument began here, so just for some hints. It is NOT Mrs. Brown, Bright Star, The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford...and it's a film from the 90s. And because I'm not completely unfeeling the film begins with all green. That's a really big hint, so happy guessing.


Marcy said...

Howards End

TomS said...

It's Howard's End...I always identified with the character of Leonard Bast

Jose said...

I concur even if for a second I was tempted to guess Portrait of a Lady (Campion spirit much? Hehe)

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

correct of course, i still wonder why no one got it the first time.