Thursday, 4 March 2010

Going for Broke

The cool guys over at Ross v Ross invited me, along with a couple other bloggers to battle out the 2005 Picture race with them. It was fun, even though I suppose I had the easy task of defending Brokeback Mountain. Check it out here. Did you think that of the five Brokeback Mountain was obviously the best, or do you disagree with me?


James D. said...

I prefer Good Night, and Good Luck by a hair, but Brokeback Mountain would have been a far superior choice. Good writeup.

Also, congratulations on bigger venues.

TomS said...

Andrew, it must be some kind of coincidence, but I wrote an essay this week about "Brokeback" and its fate at the Oscars. You and I are on the same page. Hope you get a chance to check it out!

Jose said...

I would've gone with "Good Night and Good Luck" too but I'm truly biased cause I really hated the 2005 Oscar nominees.

Danny King said...

I couldn't agree more. Far and away the most powerful of the group.

That's a terrific idea for a group post, to have one writer defending each film. Congrats on your contributions.

joe burns said...

Crash. I've only seen three of the nominees (Brokeback, Crash, and Capote) and Brokeback was good, but too slow. There should have been more development.