Saturday, 6 March 2010

Encore Awards: Results

Well, Oscars are tomorrow and I didn't want to post these after. It's my own edition of "If I Had A Ballot" - even if I'm not the best judge in some categories. Still, see what my picks look like in the MAIN CATEGORIES and the ARTISTIC AND TECH CATEGORIES.
Here's the rundown with who medalled the most.
Bright Star 11
Nine 7
An Education  6 
Avatar  6

The Messenger  3
Cheri 3
The Road  2

The Hurt Locker  2
The Fantastic Mr. Fox  2
Three Blind Mice  2
Coraline  2
Star Trek 2
Drag Me To Hell 2
In the Loop  1

The Lovely Bones 1

Moon  1
Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince 1

It's weird that something like The Hurt Locker which I liked only earned two medals, but oh well. Yay, for Bright Star though...thought it didn't win.
Tell me what you think? I want to hear your thoughts.


joe burns said...

Can't recuperate The Bright Star love, but I'm glad that you really liked An Education!

Jude said...

I love this group of films (although not each one individually haha). It's an interesting and surprising mix. And Marion got gold! What a snub this year at the Oscars! She'll be back though I'm sure.

nickis_movies said...

Yay for Bright Star and An Education! Both such beautiful movies!

Alex in Movieland said...

all this Nine love is disturbing for me. :) Especially in Cinematography (so many choices) and Art Direction (?!... Sherlock Holmes rulz here).


I will announce my favorites (in main categories) around beginning of April. I'm still trying to see as many quality 2009 movies as possible.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

joe that's okay about bright star i guess it's really not for all.

jude i hope she is back soon. i was hoping inception would be it, but her absence from the trailer worries me.

nickis glad to see you're on board with gold and silver.

alex the nine love was a bit surprising, but (shrugs) i guess i really liked the technical aspects...among others. i'm looking forward to your picks.