Wednesday, 10 February 2010

When I'm Wrong...I'm Wrong

It seems I've been had. Well not quite, a few months back The Mad Hatter remarked that sometimes a rewatch of a film helps with grading it. It's never happened to me, so I didn't really take it to mean much. I'm fixed in my ways for the most part, especially on those light and easy films which are just for fun like real concerts (do you pick up the reference?). But I digress. I rewatched He's Not That Into You - against my will, mind you - and I realise I was wrong. Even when In Contention was championing it I didn't feel the need to rewatch, but it's an absolute breeze and I need to move it from that meagre C to a B. I didn't even review, I wonder if I dreamt I saw it and didn't like it. I can't believe I just did that, trust me this surprises me more than it does you. A film with people I do not care for (Connelly, Aniston, Afleck), and people I have no feelings towards (the Entourage guy I'm too lazy to find the name of, Ginnifer Goodwin) manages to please me. Sure it has the lovely ScarJo, but did they have to give her that role? Still, she's fine, as is Justin Long and Drew - and the entire cast actually. Definitely underrated, but definitely took me for surprise on second viewing, I guess Mad Hatter was on to something...
What did you think of He's Not That Into You? Or were you one of the (many) who skipped it?
Addendum: Just realised that Kevin Connoly's name is actually on the poster, which makes me feel bad because I actually like the guy on Entourage - and here too. Me=fail.

Addendum: Official Grade B-


The Mad Hatter said...

Hah...OK - This amuses me.

Usually when I hit someone with my "Watch it again" advice, I'm trying to champion a classic that needs perspective...not a plucky rom-com.

Then again, if anyone out there is taking my advice and actually running with it, I can't possibly be picky about having such clout, now can I?

Nigel Maruva Chikukwa said...

With films like these, all that's really needed is chemistry because it binds the inter-twining story lines together. Such a formula makes "Love, Actually" the great film that it is..

Anyway, I saw a little bit of that in this and I wasn't hating. Goodwin did well as the emotional center of the film, and Aniston/Connelly weren't so bad as supporting archs.

I'd also play around the "B" range when evaluating it.

Castor said...


Rewatching does work sometimes. What works against it is that if you didn't not enjoy the first time, why would you watch it again?

I admit to rewatching movie and editing my reviews sometimes months afterward. Sometime, a different perspective is enough to tip the scale :)

The Mad Hatter said...

@ Castor... I never edit a review, barring a factual error. My first impression is my first impression, and that's what I go with.

It's possible that time and perspective may change my overall opinion, but I subcribe to the notion of saying my piece and releasing it into the wild.

Luke said...

I for one didn't find this flick all that atrocious. In fact, it's better than the majority of early-in-the-year romantic comedies that are typically thrown together. I'm kind of a fan of Goodwin, and I fully think she was the most enjoyable part of the otherwise star-studded cast. I think she'd make a great future Meg Ryan-ish leading lady for the rom-com scene.

Mike Lippert said...

Like Pauline Kale did, I usually onlt review movies after the first watching. I feel that's when your emotions are flowing the most and you are thinking about how you felt about a movie and what kind of experience you had with it as opposed to what actually makes it good or not. I feel that, when I watch a movie a second time I'm in a different mind frame, ready to look past the story and actors and characters and dig a little deeper into how the film is doing what it is doing. Therefore I think the first viewing is really for reviwing and the second viewing and onward is for essay writing, assuming you are watching a movie again to gain something from it and not just be amused again.

As for He's Just Not That Into You: it was okay, not even close to as good as Love Actually, but it had it's moments. Nothing profound enough to ever make me want to see it again over another, better romantic comedy.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

mad hatter i know you're usually talking about classics, but it seems your ideas have a universal importance :)

nigel, luke goodwin awas quite good. she's been appearing in good roles (walk the line / mona lisa smile) and she really impresses her opposite long. though i won't call her meg ryan. i don't like meg ryan

castor i have never done this, i've never needed to. i'm always pretty much stuck in my ways. mike raises some good points, i can't look at it with the same feelings the second time.