Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Too Late To Apologise...?

...Gah! I hope not. Did you miss me on the blogosphere? Well I'm back...or did you not notice I was gone? It was unintentional, I'm convinced my computer hates me...but I won't get into all that etc... But I haven't been on line since Friday night which is a looooooooong time for me. Did anything happen in the last three days? Did Carey Mulligan suddenly become the Oscar frontrunner? Did AMPAS retract their nomination of The Blind Side? No...? Okay, back to regular programming.


Anonymous said...

well, BAFTAS were won and lost. A Prophet got Best Film not in the English Language. Fishtank got Best British Film while ... The Hurt Locker got Best Film ... is the sign of the Oscars?

Mike Lippert said...

I know how you feel. I was without cable or internet for a few days a couple weeks back and it was kind of hell. I finally ended up walking all the way to school just so I could check my e mail. Good to have you back though.

Alex in Movieland said...

well, you somehow still find incredible amount of time to write here! :) unfortunately, I don't, hopefully more next week.

maybe we'll meet in the Smackdown ;)

ps: no, there's NO way Carey is anything close to a front-runner. I think she has the 4th chance of winning, unfortunately. Sandra has it.