Sunday, 7 February 2010

The Game

I’m throwing out a game of sorts for all you readers to participate in. I’m that playful (or so I say) but I like games. I was thinking what would be an appropriate prize. Posting prices are exorbitant (and I don’t have anything worthy to give) – but I decided on a prize (which is more of a task). Whoever wins will have the (dubious) honour of writing the first guest post on Encore’s World of Film & TV. No rules on the guest post – just something cinematic or television inspired. So here’s the task. The eight women below have something in common: three things actually, so it can be surmised in one sentence. So guess what is, and whoever’s closest to the answer (and guesses first) wins. Since sending emails can be a bitch, just comment below (so for the next few days all comments will be moderated). You have until Wednesday. Good luck.
Anne Bancroft
Ingrid Bergman
Bette Davis
Greer Garson
Viven Leigh
Anna Magnani
Ginger Rogers
Simone Signoret
It’s freakishly simple while being infuriatingly difficult…so ummm, good luck.


TomS said...

The only thing I'm coming up with is the most terribly obvious...they all won an Oscar for Best Actress.

Luke said...

Oh no... I fear that I'm thinking in too simple of terms, but they've all won Best Actress trophies at the Oscars... is that it?

Heather said...

They've all won Best Actress Oscars..............

If not my second guess would be nominated but never won???????

And.....I'm spent.

Alex in Movieland said...

well, you know they might have more than 3 thing in common... so it IS a bit confusing. I'm doing it live:

1. the obvious: all 8 are Best Actress winners.

6 of them have won for their first official nominations... but what about Garson and Bergman... and what does one-time nominee Ginger Rogers have to do with the rest?!

were they all married to film directors? no, just some of them. Some of them have appeared in movies with Marlon Brando, but it would be impossible to find a connecting actor...

give more time. :) But tell me, should we think of something exclusively movie-related or something silly like they were all married 2 times or whatever?