Thursday, 11 February 2010

Encore Awards 2009: Pt. 2: Actress, Art Direction, Sound

The weirdest award of them all has to be the Sound Categories. Sound mixing, sound editing? What is the difference? I'm never too sure...I've learned over the years that the editing refers more to those significant aural elements and the mising concerns the wider picture - score, speech etc. I can't be sure, maybe my inclusions are a bit superfluous. But it's probably silly to doubt Avatar here. Ironically, we can't seem to doubt it in Art Direction. You know I'm a believer, but it's strange that animated films (undeservedly) never make it here, yet CGI Avatar does. I'm not complaining though. Here are the nominations.
Best Actress is usually a favourite of mine, but not this year. I still like my nominees, but I've not seen Julia, so I can't comment on Tilda. Still, I've always had reservations about her. She's just one of those actors who don't work for me. Oh well, that's that. Take a look at the Best Actress List. I suppose there's a surprise or too, make a case for your favourites below.
I've extended the days. Place a guess for a chance to guest post; if you wish.

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Nigel said...

I'm totally feeling Abbie Cornish's spot over there.

I had my fingers crossed for her to be the wildcard nominee instead of Helen Mirren. But then Again "Bright Star" only shined a few months after its debut....and then its buzz died.