Friday, 19 February 2010

The Blind Link

Remember The Blind Side, of course you do. Did you ever forget it. Daniel Getahun writes my favourite review of the film. Other than an angry few lines, I didn't review it - but with this review, I don't. His review speaks for itself.
Tom also givesa somewhat scathing review, even though these were not my exact issues with it he does raise some searing points.
Glenn Dukes contemplates if a Gabby Sidibe upset is in the making. It's an interesting thought, and he brings precedental proof. Sort of.
And Alex reviews Bullock's Leigh Ann going through the five Oscar nominated women.

And on to Nine. Well, you know my thoughts now...Jose gives a well thought out review being able to see the goodness of Nicole's small, but integral role, among other things.
Speaking of Nine, did you hear that the Original Songs won't be performed at the Oscars. Those bitches just have it in for me. There goes my hopes of seeing Marion. Sigh. Speaking of which Maury Yeston talks about getting nominated. I wish he'd win...but I'm not crazy.
And Peter gives us ten great shots of the year. Yes, Nine is there. Deal with it.
Bryce has seen Shutter Island and has praises to heap, unlike most he's loving it. But I'll be loving it too, this IS Scorsese.
I don't watch the Olympics, but you don't have to to enjoy the hilarity of this post.
Anna wants to know what you want from her, so head over and tell her.
Univarn reviews The Time Traveller's Wife which I will probably never watch, Bana and McAdams (bland and blander), but he's reticently positive...
What are your thoughts on James Cameron? Mike gives his. Sort of. Is he your least favourite of the five nominated directors?
And Heather is giving Brad Pitt some loving, looking at ten of his films she loves. It's a good list anyway you look at it.


Castor said...

Nice collection of links! Thanks for the reading :)

M. Carter @ the Movies said...

James Cameron is most definitely not my favorite of the nominated directors -- those honors would go to Bigelow or Tarantino. If I'd had my way, Rian Johnson would have gotten a nom, too, for "Brothers Bloom."

And no original "Nine" songs at the Really Big Show? Guff. I never saw that movie, so I was hoping to get a performance or two. Oscar, once again you dash my hopes against the rocks!

Mike Lippert said...

I'd hate to think that the original songs got canned in favour of the new inventions like 10 Best Picture noms or the planned John Hughes tribute. I'd rather have the songs.

Daniel Getahun said...

Thanks for the linkage re: The Blind Side. That movie just isn't getting any better with time, I'm afraid.

MovieNut14 said...

Thanks for putting my post up, even though I haven't gotten any more comments. *hint hint*