Saturday, 6 February 2010

2009 in Review: Forgotten Characters

Some films always end up becoming forgotten when we look back on the year and having a small role in a forgotten film is a thankless job. Yet, some are able to make it work: not quite to their advantage, but they do their task nobly like:
Mare Winningham in Brothers
As Elsie Cahill
The scene I remember Mare in most is when Tommy finds out about Sam’s death and he goes over to his parents house. One can only imagine how Mare is grieving but yet she’s there for her son to comfort him. It’s an important moment to help us realise the type of woman she is – selfless. She remains on the sidelines for much of the film. She watches and tries to help Grace persevere; she tries to temper her husband’s resentment of Tommy all the while ignoring her own pain. It’s like the first dinner scene when Sam Shepherd pushes Tommy’s button – she’s obviously a woman turn and I love how she gives her character little tics like that wry look as she gets up to go after him. Then, the second dinner scene – she seems to know before anyone else that trouble is imminent. She plays the mother role well and it is a bit nondescript, she doesn’t exactly stretch her legs – but I like Mare’s performance here. It’s subtle but never bland, and it’s a testimony to her talent that she makes this character real. It probably will be forgotten soon, but not my by me.
Did you venture to see Brothers? Can you remember Mare?

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Nigel Maruva Chikukwa said...

Are you going to write about that actress who played "Abigail" in "Bright Star?"

I'm loving this series btw...