Friday, 8 January 2010

A Year In the Life

Well, ‘tis the day. It’s been a year since I’ve been blogging and though I wasn’t planning on doing anything but it’s probably only fitting that I take a few moments from my busy mundane schedule to thank the people who’ve kept me afloat this year, both directly and inadvertently whilst seeing how the blog has evolved [hate that word].
My first score of posts or so were quite dubious in quality. That much is obvious. Still, I did manage to make some surprisingly accurate Oscar nomination predictions, despite all the wrong grammar and stuff. I did like the post on nine screenplays of the decade, even though it was more snap judgemen than careful analysis. It took me four months to get my first comment, although to be fair I only did fifteen posts during that period. So on May 12, Nathaniel R. obliged to start the ball rolling on my Broadway Transition Piece.
So, June came and I got my first follower via Movie Mania who became a regular commenter. June was a good month, it being my birthday and all, I met Alex in Movieland, one of the better bloggers around I'm still confounded that he's not popular. I'm even more confounded that he's only 23. Anahita, a very bright British girl was also an important person I met in June. One of the most unaffected and fun bloggers we'e lost her on the blogosphere to Oxford, but she's a treasure. Well June saw the end of Michael Jackson and my introduction to The Kid In the Front Row
So, on to July. I got involved in Film For the Soul's exurcsions into the decade giving them two reviews which were quite flawed [grammatically, and otherwis]. It's a pity the sight has come to standstill. Through Anahita, I met Emma another thoroughly British and youthful blogger. Strangely, a huge surge of visitors came for a completely random post on To Kill A Mockingbird, which only goes to show how weird people are. Lovely that RC noticed my post on the underrated Duplicity. RC is another really good blogger who often gives some insightful pieces or some random tidbits. Hello too to Tommy Salami, who is nothing if not an original blogger. Anahita gave me an intereview of sorts, where I waxed on about really random stuff in some horrid prose. But it was fun.
The summer was ending and I met some good ones, mB: who is simulatenously smart and funny, CS, RascoChase Kahn, Farzan, Sage and Joe. I hit what we could call my stride in September, came across a host of blogs and received some followers. Some consistent, some not but all important, like Jeffery, Kurtis, Tom, Rae, James: an unusally concise reviewer, Michael Parsons: who is very meticulous, but never annoying,   Dezmond, Lolita, Crazy Cris, Jude and Danny King: like Anahita, Danny has no airs in his review. He's clear, he's opiniated but respectful and he's a good thing on the blogosphere. Even if he does like Hilary Swank too much.
A random post turned into a debate on Meryl Streep. We all know my thoughts on that one; then on to looking at 1999 a GREAT year in film.
Then Quentitn Tarantino changed my blog, forever. Well not exactly, due to my [lukewarm] review I met Univarn who has turned into a stalwart on my blog. He's fun, irreverant and posts quite often. Other than Alex, I don't know who else has been such a consistent visitor.
Well the year has passed, and I've met quite a few more people than I've highlighted above. The Mad Hatter has become a regular commenter, and his blog is one of my favourites right now. Jose, whom I met late in the game, quickly becoming another favourite of mine as is M.Carter. Nick is officially the smartest person that I know of online and also one of the most respectful blog hosts, I joined LAMB who have been a huge help, I met a teenaged girl who was making strides of her own on the internet, check her out. And dozens of others. Check my sidebar, the blogs there really are worth your time. And to the 58 people following, whoever you are. Don't feel miffed if I didn't give you a mention. It's just my laziness.


Moving along, Back to regular programming, a review of The Lovely Bones coming up.


Univarn said...

Awesome post man. But I do disagree with one thing. I'm not irreverent, irrelevant maybe, but not irreverent.... ok maybe I am, but still!!!! (you see by putting lots of ! I am now correct - this is step one in winning an online argument).

The Mad Hatter said...

Congrats on year one!! Most bloggers can't get past week three, so scribbilin' for a full fifty two is quite the accomplishment!

Here's to year two :)

joe burns said...

Thank you!

James D. said...

What ever happened to Rae?