Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Top TV Moments of 2009

I'm not always one to go into random celebration over blog related happenings. I'm not deluded enough to think that I've made that unmalleable mark on the world with this blog [as yet :)], but on Friday it would have been one year since I've been blogging here, and it makes me somewhat giddy. Sure, my early posts were not very good, but my first post was title Favourite TV Moments of 2008, so I'm going to to take a look at my favourite moments of 2009 in this post. Obviously. Hence, the name. I should warn you, this is mine and only my list. So it'll be strange.
#10: Parks & Recreation

Weird? I am a fan of Amy Poehler, she's arguably the most talented member that SNL had in the last few years and she's incredibly adept at acting. Last Spring when Parks & Recreation made it's debut it was something a clunker. The series was not gelling immediately, but when Season Two premiered in the Fall it was definitely heading places and it's turned into one of the best things on NBC sometimes even surpassing giants 30 Rock and The Office on occasion. Hopefully the writers keep up the good work and keep giving Amy something to do. And hopefully Emmy rewards her with a nod. But that probably won't happen. We'll see.
#9: The Tony Awards & Marcia Gay Harden

I didn't watch the Tony's, but hearing that Ms. Harden had her Tony meaning that the Emmy is the only thing keeping her from being a triple crowner made me oddly happy. And the fact that Geoffrey Rush was also headed that way only increased the glee. Sure, it may not have been such a pivotal moment. But I never promised you logic in the list. Did I?
#8: Adam Lambert and American Idol

Come on. How could he not make the list? I've tuned out of Idol [hopefully forever] but Lambert was a crap-load of fun last season. It's undeniable that he is particularly talented with one of the best voices this show has scene. But what makes him list-worthy is that he was so damned fun to watch. And that duet with Alison Iraheta [who was another noteworthy person, that season] was off the chain.
#7: Kristin Chenoweth & The Cast of Glee

I'm glad that Lea Michele has grown vocally since Spring Awakening, it's nice seeing Lynch and Morisson doing good work...but the highlight of Glee was Chenoweth's guest appearance. She sang Carrie Underwood, she sang Liza Minellia and she sang Heart. Talk about variety. And she nailed it, of course. It's nice seeing the love for Glee, but it's even better seeing love for lovely Ms. Chenoweth.
Yes, Kristin makes another appearance, but it was such a deserved Emmy and with the cancelling of Pushing Daisies it was a giant f*** you to ABC. And then with the wins of Jessica Lange and Glenn Close it only made me happier.
The Office had some of its best moments in this one hour episode as we finally saw that guy and that girl get married. An episode of pure fun and funny. What more do I need?
#4: Michael Jackson's Memorial Service

The television sure was wrought with MJ news and the culmination was this service with all those performances. Fitting for the death of a king and all.
#3: Grey's Anatomy Season Finale

Univarn hates this show. So do many. I love it. I told you, there'd be truth...but no logic. The cliff-hanger of sorts at the end of Season 5 was something, but the entire episode was so controlled and soooooooooo riveting and their best finale since Season 2. It was awesome. Really. It was.
#2: Kanye/Taylor/Beyonce

It's not that I really liked the whole hoopla and West's ridiculous. If this had been done to someone else it would have been funny. You know if this happened to say, Amy Winehouse she would destroy him: and then it would be funny. It was only sad, because Taylor Swift is a child and Kanye West is inane. And power to Beyonce for her graceful turn and letting Taylor have her moment. Of course now, the world cannot escape her. Blame Kanye West.
#1: The Academy Awards: Espcially Hugh Jackman

I can't say I loved the Oscars - Slumdog Millionaire eviscerated any chance of that. But Kate Winslet and Penelope Cruz had some nice speeches. And that entire Best Actress presentation with the five winners vs the five nominees was sweet. But Hugh stole the show. The opening number and that tribute to the musicals was tremendously entertaining, in a somewhat spotty show he was the highlight.
So how crazy am I? What's missing? 
PS. I'm seeing The Lovely Bones and Up In the Air tonight.


Jose said...

Anything "30 Rock" related would make my TV list.
And my fave moment all year was perhaps watching Penélope Cruz winning the Oscar.

Jose said...

...oh and yay I can comment!

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

So you're on the 30 Rock train then. I like it, but Tina annoys me. Best 30 Rock related thing [other than Jane Krakowski :)] was probably Cheyenne Jackson and Julianne Moore guest starring.

joe burns said...

Really? Last year's Oscars? I thought that the 79th Oscars were the best ceremony.

Jude said...

Jim and Pam is the only romance I can passionately latch onto after Ross/Rachel and Chandler/Monica.

Also, Up in the Air is terrific! Anna Kendrick is so beyond good in her role!

And I'm seeing Promises, Promises on Broadway this May! If I see Kristin in it (she's the star, but live theater is unpredictable!) then I'll be sure to post about it!