Sunday, 24 January 2010

Teenage Drama: Mean Girls

I’ll just bite the bullet now. I’m a fan of Lindsay Lohan. She’s definitely hitting a rough patch, but in her heyday she showed the promise of becoming one of the more talented performers of her time. It’s not often that a teen movie makes you think as much as it makes you laugh, and it’s not often that a modern teenage film about girls can be smart enough that it doesn’t turn into a chick flick. But, there is always that one special one and for me Mean Girls is that one.
I figure a good deal of my early appreciation of Mean Girls derived from my teenage lust appreciation approval for Lindsay Lohan, however that doesn’t distil the goodness of the film.; both as a cinematic treat and a teenage experience. I have two older sisters, so my repertoire of light [and often senseless] teenage films is not exactly sparse. I’ve seen Bring It On  which is fine[and the dreadful sequels] more often than I’d care to admit, many of Julia Stiles’ and Lindsay’s and even some Hilary Duff [not too much, thankfully], Cruel Intentions, The Hot Chick and on and on and on.

Generally, I like to think of Mean Girls as the best of its kind. You may think me blasphemous, but I see no reason why it couldn’t have gotten some love from the Academy. As much as I love my AMPAS, [or used to]  I have to admit that a film’s reception often depends on momentum. Sure they weren’t in competition against each other, but having a teenage film like Juno up for laurels and Mean Girls not even getting a screenplay nomination seems awfully backward. But I digress. Big surprise. Back to Mean Girls. As someone who’s generally reticent about Tina Fey I have to applaud her effective writing of Mean Girls, not just by teen films’ standards – but generally. The script is riddled with quotable line after quotable, Gretchen's breakdown and the catch-phrase that's so fetch. It's just funny moment after funny moment, and the cast is more than up for it. Lindsay, Rachel McAdams, Lacey Chebert, Amada Seyfreid, Amy Poehler, Tim Meadows, Lizzie Caplan and even Tina Fey doing her non acting schtick, are all on point here.
Mean Girls is a film that works well for males as well as females; for adults as well as children. In its own way it’s little intricacies are just as fulfilling as any serious film. Okay, I’ll level with you. Mean Girls isn’t the best acted, best directed or best written film. But we can’t all be! It’s a good watch. It’s satisfying and funny, but it’s real and serious. It’s thought provoking but never moralistic. What more could you want in a comedy? My name is Andrew, I’m a straight guy – and I like Mean Girls. Perhaps I should be in therapy, but tt’s my #80?
Am I alone on this one, or can you appreciate the loveliness?


Anonymous said...

Mean Girls is perfect..I love it. I quote more lines from Mean Girls than any other movie ever made. And it really is very well done.

I want Lindsay Lohan to clean up and start being in good things again..

Walter L. Hollmann said...

I'm a straight guy, too, and all I know is that a group of my guy friends had a movie night where in we fell asleep during Jurassic Park, but watched Mean Girls all the way through and couldn't stop laughing. A good movie is a good movie, and this just happens to be GREAT.

Robert said...

It's so true!!! It's such a fun movie to watch, and it does make you think as well. The acting and writing are especially swift and sharp.

Hopefully Lindsay Lohan gets back on track, you're right...she showed promise!!!

Jose said...

I stand firmly by my belief that Tina Fey was robbed of an Oscar nomination for adapting this.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

emily glad to see i'm not the only one hoping for a lindsay comeback.

walter, robert good taste you have :)

jose i stand right with you on that one; imagine this is from a non-fiction book.

Julian said...

I loved this movie and like you i really want LIndsay to make a comeback(I made a blog post on this). Sadly this seems to just get more and more unlikely. I would recommend Bobby if you want to see more of Lindsay. The movie isn't bad, and while it is a ensemble cast, Lohan does well with what her role