Friday, 22 January 2010

The Nineties Revisited: Ep. 1

Dear reader, I'm feeling retrospective at the moment. I know, it's still two weeks before I get my best of 2009 up yet, but I'm seeing Bright Star next week and I have to see it before I choose my favourites. Still, that's no reason why I still can't make a list (you know I love them). So here's my own list of women from the nineties.

So what do you think? Was the nineties too long ago for you to remember your favourites? Who'd be at the top of your list?


TomS said...

Andrew...Wow, such a great list. Especially, Juliet Binoche was wonderful. So was Winslet in Sense and Sensibility. I would add Julianne Moore in Boogie Nights,(97), Lynne Redgrave in Gods and Monsters (98), and Chloe Sevigny in Boys Don't Cry (99).

Jose said...

I love the top choice but mine probably would've been Julianne Moore in "Boogie Nights".
I also think few people valued Judi Dench's limited but oh so memorable turn in "Shakespeare in Love".
I'd also include Judy Davis for "Husbands and Wives", Anna Paquin for "The Piano" and Catherine Keener for "Being John Malkovich".

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

jose and tom glad to see some love for julianne who just missed the ten, along with judi. i love judi in shakespeare in love actually, she and imelda staunton are hilarious.

and glad to see appreciation of binoche

joe burns said...

I would have added Mira Sorvino (Yes, really!) and Julianne Moore. And Angelina Jolie! Is Wiest or Bonham-Carter your win?

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Bonham Carter is the win, I realised I didn't post the bottom 5, so here they are in order

Bening in The Grifters, Rhuel in The Fisher King, Bonham Carter in Fight Club, Jolie in Girl Interrupted and Goldberg in Ghost.

Marcy said...

I stumbled upon this when I was looking at your nineties series and THANK YOU for giving the gold to Helena Bonham Carter's performance in Howards End. WHERE WAS HER OSCAR NOMINATION/WIN? Tragic snub. I don't think I can EVER get over it...sniff. She was just fantastic in that film.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

THANK YOU Marcy. I still get so annoyed because 92 was SUCH a weak year.