Sunday, 10 January 2010

Anticipating 2010: Part 2

 So, continuing from the previous entry, I'm taking a look at the films that I'm anticipating for the year 2010. Of course anticipating is often different from appreciation, but it can't hurt to expect good things in some of these. Some may fail, some may surprise...but at least a few will be as good as I hope. At least, I hope so.
This was rumoured to be a 2009 release, but nothing has come to fruition as yet. Joe Pesci and Helen Mirren star in this as a husband and wife team who open a brothel. The only thing stranger than Pesci and Mirren in a romance is Pesci and Mirren in charge of a brothel. They are both Oscar winners and the film is based on the true story of the Nevada couple to open the first brothel. I wonder what sort of skeletons are in their closets. 
Is this too high? It’s Angelina love, obviously. How could I not want to see the movie where she replaced Tom Cruise? And as underrated as her traditional acting skills are, most can agree that she’s a killer action star. So here’s to this. The plot is pretty much stock fare. It involves a CIA officer wrongly accused of being a Russian sleeper agent planning to assassinate the US President. Naturally she ensues on a journey to clear her name and find the perpetrator.
I was a fan of Inaritu's 21 Grams and Babel. The film centres on a criminal who is reunited with a childhood friend, now a police officer. I am a big of Javier Bardem and am expecting big things from this. I'm only wondering if it will reach here before the end of the year.
 #27 Letters to Juliet

In retrospect I can’t justify how this is so high. I like Amanda Seyfried but not enough to go see Jennifer’s Body, and though I liked Gael in what I saw him I haven’t seen him at his best. Still pair them with Vanessa Redgrave [who I had a feeling is playing a cameo here] and then a European romance and I’m pretty much on board. I recently saw the poster which had Seyfreid and Redgrave with top billing which makes me really hopeful. I'm a big fan of Vanessa.

This could be great or it could be horrible. Christina Aguilera and Cher star in this one. A young up and comer [Aguilera] begins working at a Burlesque club in hopes of becoming a star; Cher plays her mentor. I don’t know what the look for this is going to be, or if it’s going to be a good film; but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t interested. Christina Aguilera was one of those archetypes of teenaged boy lust. Cher? Not so much. But still, she's a good actor - sometimes. Add that to Kirsten Bell and the great Stanley Tucci and this is looking promising. Maybe.
It’s a true story starring Johnny Depp, which at least makes it worthy of contemplation.The story follows a wandering journalist who travels to Puerto and becomes obsessed with a woman. It sounds rather vague, but I'm expecting this to be a good one.
I still have hopes that Collin Farrell will one day get the praise he deserves. Ondine is based on a story of a fisherman who caught what he believes to be a mermaid in his net. I believe it’s based on a play I read years ago, but wasn’t too fond of it. It was well written, but I hated the ending. But I digress. tTe stills so far look good and with this premise I think Collin could impress me.

Heaven knows why I want to see this so much. As much as I liked Justin Timberlake’s music I don’t think he has any potential as an actor. I suppose it’s just Fincher’s name that has it so high. I happen to like the guy, including Benjamin Button and though Facebook fills me with evil thoughts I’m wondering what he’s going to do with this one.
#22 Coriolanus
It’s probably wrong but in terms of the acting, my biggest draw here is Vanessa Redgrave. She seems like the perfect Shakespearean type actor, and this being a Shakespeare play only makes me want to se this more. Coriolanus is actually one his plays that I have not read. It's a tragedy and a history Ralph  f***ing Fiennes is playing the title character with Redgrave as his mother. Fiennes also directs. I've been waiting for Fiennes to get a good role and this is looking exceptionally good. I hope I'm not disappointed, I can't really see why Gerard Butler is there...but I'll let that pass.
Brad Pitt and Sean Penn star in Terrence Malick’s new film. Hardly any information has been released as to plot of this one, and I’ve never been a big fan of Malick. But Penn and Pitt are two actors I happen to like, and I’m just getting a good vibe from this. For what reason, I don’t know.
Stay tuned for the next part. Which Redgrave film are you anticipating more? Are you anticipating Fincher? Malick?


Danny King said...

I'm really looking forward to A Rum Diary, a film that just missed out on my top ten. I'd see almost anything with Johnny Depp, but the vagueness of the story that you described even peaks my interest more.

Marcy said...

I'm ridiculously looking forward to Letters to Juliet as well. I just recently saw Blowup and even though I didn't like the film, Vanessa Redgrave has to be the most gorgeous woman I've ever seen in any film ever. And she has aged quite gracefully.

And I love European romances as well. They are an absolute dream.

joe burns said...

I just hope 2010 will be better then 2009.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

danny i wonder if he's on his way to a fourth nod with this? however i'm looking forward more to that other depp film.

marcy don't let some staunch fans hear you about blowup which is NOT for everyone. ms. redgrave has aged gracefully.

joe well 2009 has not been so bad. definitely not the worst of the last decade.

Nigel said...

I think after "A Mighty Heart" Angelina shot down skepticism about her talent.

"Changeling" provided further reinforcement. And a few knowledgeable people will never forget her ruthlessness in "Girl, Interrupted."

I am too excited for "Salt." Being an action-movie vixen is Jolie's sixth sense.......This will be a good one to munch pop corn to