Thursday, 14 January 2010

99 Cent Word Reviews: Page, Mortenson, Adams

I'm still on that somewhat foolhardy quest to watch as many films as I can before the end of this month when I'll start recapping the last year in film. So here are three more, somewhat overdue, reviews. Will either of them make a change to the Encore Award Nominations? Peut-etre.


Surprisingly, quite entertaining with good blends of drama and comedy. In a year of female directors it’s a pity that Drew couldn’t have gotten just a LITTLE more love. It seems like an ideal Golden Globe nominee for musical or comedy. Ellen Page is better here than in Juno, and that’s a bigger compliment than it seems. The film is actually casted to almost glorious perfection, which I was not quite expecting. But of course, the consummate supporting actress of them all steamrolls the entire cast even when she doesn’t try. It's Marcia Gay Harden for the win. Yep.        B

Damn, this is one bleak film. Clocking in at just below 90 minutes I don’t know why more people haven’t seen it. Of course it’s pretty grim. But it’s not as unnerving as previews would have you think. Viggo Mortenson is as usual excellent, perhaps his best ever – perhaps. The atmosphere is so palpably apocalyptic and Kodi Smith-McPhee is something of a revelation. But the person who deserves much praise is Charlize Theron who fades away before half an hour but is exceptional in her bit role. Is it too late to start a campaign for her and Mortenson?              B

We see Amy Adams as an adult again; it’s been some time. It’s easy to place it as a trifling bauble but it has a whole lot of heart in it and does well what it has. It gets a bit of uncertain somewhere towards the middle but it’s able to pull it off, even though it could have been just a tighter. Still, it’s a pleasant piece and Alan Arkin is a charm to watch as is Emily Blunt who needs to get a significant role pronto. In the end I like it. And you’ll probably like it. B-
So which have you seen? What did you think?


Univarn said...

I really want to see The Road. I'm indifferent about seeing Whip It, never been a fan of that plotline, but I'm sure I'll see it eventually. Sunshine Cleaning was fun, but I couldn't help but think it fails to capitalize on all it builds up.

Quick note: It's Alan Arkin, not Alda (as much as I love both).

Nigel said...

Blunt couldn't be more "significant" in "The Young Victoria."

I dunno if you've seen it, but take a gander.

And Her performance does not come of a parody of Knightely's (The Duchess).

She took a much more subtle approach.

Jude said...

Doesn't it always either seem too late or too early to start a campaign?

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

univarn damn, this is the second time i've done that. trust me, whip it is a surprise.

nigel nigel. i reviewed the young victoria way long ago. she was fine, but i was not that moved.

jude true.

Jose said...

I had a great time with "Whip It" as well. It's a shame that it went by so quietly, I think it had the potential to become something like "Bring it On" and I agree, Page was much better here than in "Juno". At least she sounded human in this one.

joe burns said...

I saw Sunshine Cleaning. I thought Blunt was great, even better then Adams.

Luke said...

Agreed! Though Sunshine Cleaning ended up being only okay, Blunt was easily the best part about it. I (nearly) wholeheartedly agree with the The Road review. It was bleak, but not quite as much as I'd thought it would be. Though I thought Theron was only okay, I definitely agree that it was one of Viggo's best. Well done!

The Film Reel said...

I really want to watch Whip It but I'm only allowed to watch with my girlfriend. She always gets mad when I watch the movies she wants to see without her and around here that happens alot!

Is it just me or did The Road all but instantly disappear? I've heard some good things about it and really want to check it out.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

jose she did sound human. i think i may have underestimated her.

joe and luke amy is my girl, emily was going along nicely but the latter part seemed like they didn't know what to do with her.

bfilm reel don't rock the boat at home. it'd be good to save whip it to watch with her, it's the king of film that's enjoyable in groups. and about the road i don't know where the buzz for that disappeared to.

Nigel Maruva Chikukwa said...

her perfomance does not come off as a parody*

Jesus, I need to get that 8-hour sleep.