Thursday, 31 December 2009

Wanting An Education

I'll be honest. An Education was not my most anticipated film of 2009. I'm usually spot on when it comes to what I'm going to like but my favourite of the year is always a surprise - Atonement, Corpse Bride even The Departed were not my most anticipated of their respective years. Perhaps, that's why I love them so much. Sneaking up on you always helps. The thing is though that's I've wanted to see An Education for some time. Univarn remarked that he was sure I'd love An Education. I suppose I do have my "type" of films...but I didn't think it was that obvious. And I really hadn't thought about An Education fitting into that type.
What was it exactly that had me wanting to see this so badly? It couldn't be the reviews. Other than the odd effusive one, reviews were fairly good but unexceptional. However, they all cited Mulligan as a showstopper. And as much as I adored Pride & Prejudice Carey Mulligan was not my main reason, or even the resplendent Rosamund Pike for that matter. Molina I like, but I haven't seen him much. Same goes for Sarsgaard. I have my own relationship with Ms. Thompson. But we all knew that was a cameo. So what was it about me wanting to be "educated"?      

Well I have been. And I feel oddly, calm...for want of a better word even serene. The British can do that to you sometimes. I always wonder if my anxiety about a film bouys the grade. Maybe I will myself to like it, or vice versa. I don't know. Is the round-a-bout way of this post annoying you. Sure I've had An Education but as Jenny says "I feel old, but not very wise." I'll return. Don't be mad, I'll expound soon. But I'll leave you with this shot. Isn't it lovely?


Cal said...

I didn't like An Education but loved Mulligan. And yeah, I think that being so completely psyched for a film is obviously going to weigh down the power of it if it doesn't "WOW". Part of the problem is that we're told what's good and what isn't weeks before said film is released.

joe burns said...

It was alright, but.......... Mulligan, as I've said, isn't Oscar-worthy here and the movie has story problems.