Tuesday, 29 December 2009

The Supporting Women of 2009

The year is coming to an end and already people are throwing out their lists of favourites, left and right. It's turning into a busy last few days of the year [or decade]. Anyhow, I'm not ready to get down to a list of favourites as yet. StinkyLulu is something of a patron saint to Supporting Actresses. Over at his blog he’s continuously devoting time to them, and on 17th January he’s hosting a blog-a-thon inviting you to blog about some performance[s] of the last year. A supporting female one. Obviously. I’ve already got a few contributions at the ready. One, two, maybe three of the following.
Maria Bello in The Private Lives of Pippa Lee
Kristin Chenoweth in Into Temptation
Patricia Clarkson in Whatever Works
Marion Cotillard in Public Enemies
Diane Kruger in Inglourious Basterds
Winona Ryder in The Private Lives of Pippa Lee
I’d do more, but there is such a thing as overkill. I need to show some discretion. I could easily talk about some more buzzed performance, but where’s the fun in that? Who knows, maybe I’ll add more to the set. Which of these should I write on?
Natalie Portman in Brothers
Sigourney Weaver in Avatar
Paula Patton in Precious
Miranda Richardson in The Young Victoria
Kathy Bates in Cheri
Susan Sarandon in The Lovely Bones
Catherine Keener in Where the Wild Things Are
Samantha Morton in The Messenger
Rosamund Pike in An Education
Or, maybe you’d like to write on one of them? Or another. Still, you should participate regardless. StinkyLulu is waiting. Get your Supporting Actress Posts ready. All of you! And that includes you: Univarn, The Mad Hatter, Twister, Joe, Sage and Alex! That's an order! Well, not really. But you get the point. Right?


joe burns said...

I'll probably make a post on Monique if I have enough time to do one.

Alex in Movieland said...

As one of the most frequent Stinkylulu smackdowners & admirers, do u really think I really need an invitation? :) or an order?

I'll be there, no worries about that.

Anonymous said...

Kristin Chenoweth in Into Temptation is a lesson in subtle, quiet pain. Beautiful!

Roar Savage said...

I thought The Lovely Bones wasn't out yet. No?

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

It's out in limited release, I heard. It's not here yet :(

Anonymous said...

Kristin Chenoweth was incredible. Her eyes conveyed so much through the fact that they didn't-they were empty, as Linda's life was. Best acting I have seen in a long time. People who think she can only do comedy need to watch this movie.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

anonymous who are you? i thought i was the only one who saw into temptation:) thanks for visiting.