Friday, 11 December 2009

The Katharine Hepburn Awards: The Results

I was supposed to post these results yesterday, but I was at my old high school helping them put on a condensed performance of The Merchant of Venice which is ironically one of the stage roles that Kate did. Still, moving on, the results were not as a easy to predict as I expected. I was debating whether or not I'd post the winners, or the winners and the runners up etc.
Here are the pictures of the winners in all the categories. As you can see, there was a tie.

What do you think of the winners?


joe burns said...

Pretty happy with the results!

Jude said...

Interesting results. BTW I emailed you my link for my Katharine Hepburn blogathon entry, and it's currently on for your use!

Fritz said...

BSActress: Great! I voted for Judy myself, but On Golden Pond is the only Jane-Fonda-performance I really like so I have no problems with the tie!

BSActor: Mmh...he was good, but Dean Stockwell gave a performance for the ages!

Actor: No complaints here!

Director: They were all great so no complaints!

Picture: great!

Actress: Easy choice! Her towering achievement in a career full of wonderful performances!

Thanks for your work Andrew!