Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The Katharine Hepburn Awards: The Performances

How do you choose your favourite children? It’s lucky that I didn’t have to vote in this poll, but it was interesting to see where the majority of you stood in terms of Kate’s performances. You’ll see my thoughts later but I was surprised that no one mentioned Mary Tyrone or Jo March. I suppose Kate’s version of Little Women has not been seen that much, but so many critics seem to think she’s done nothing better than her Long Day’s Journey Into Night bit. Here are the five versions of Kate you chose.
The Nominees
The African Queen as Rose Sayer
Bringing Up Baby as Susan Vance
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner as Christina Drayton
The Lion in Winter as Eleanor of Aquitaine
The Philadelphia Story as Tracy Lords
So Kate’s second and third wins appear, two nominations that should have been more and an ignored performance that’s beloved by all today. Now who saw Christina Drayton making it? I think it’s all well and fine, but it’s interesting to see though considering how many people I know who hate this performance. The other four are I suppose usual suspects – Eleanor, Tracy and Susan and Rose to an extent. People are generally divided when it comes to Rose, although I think it’s a good performance. Tomorrow I'll post my ranking of Kate's twelve nominations.
Are you doing any of these for the blogathon on Friday?
Polls close tonight. The results will be in on Thursday.


Alex in Movieland said...

Nice line-up. Probably Lion in Winter is best!

"So Kate’s second and third nominations appear"
you meant wins :)

joe burns said...

I'll probably do Kate's work in The Lion In Winter.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

aelx by the way alex, i may have to start hiring you as a proof reader :)

joe good choice.