Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Cinema Blogging

I've been MIA for the past two days, sorry about that. Life calls. Anyhow, a fellow blog buddy of mine is having a blogathon that seems cool. I probably won't get the chance to make an entry, but I'd appreciate [and he would too] if you'd participate. The information is below, and you can click on the link to get to his blog and get contact information.

I'd like for you to blog about a memory you have of going to the cinema. You may have been 5, you may have been 32, it may have included your first kiss, or a friend getting arrested, or you may have accidently set fire to the screen. Whatever it is - I want December 3rd to be the day we blog with this title, a personal memory of a cinema experience gone right/or wrong/or funny/or tragic. 

If you are interested - please get back to me! 

I will also be blogging on this topic on December 3rd. And then later on the same day, or maybe on the 4th (giving everyone a chance) - I will post a blog linking to ALL of your stories. 

I think it'll be a wonderful way for a) my friends and readers to discover your amazing blogs, and b) for all of yours to see everyone elses, c) for us to find many more great people with inspired blogs.

If you're in, let me know :) If you have a friend who would also love to do this, let me know too - 

I look forward to it!!


The Mad Hatter said...

I'm in! I'm in the middle of two different blog-a-thons at the moment, so hopefully your friend doesn't mind waiting a day or two.

CrazyCris said...

Just read this but will see if I can quickly put something together... if I can manage to choose a single memory! ;o)

CrazyCris said...

done! but couldn't choose just one... ;o)

The Kid In The Front Row said...

The Mad Hatter - I look forward to reading yours a few days from now!