Thursday, 26 November 2009

Moon: A Few Words

I cannot call myself a legitimate fan of the science fiction genre. In the last two decades there are only two films in the genre that I found particularly excellent. The sleeper hit 2002 Minority Report and 1997’s underrated Gattaca. Still, I’m not biased against science fiction. It just doesn’t make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
Moon functions as a scientific drama but it also delves into some interesting psychological themes. The issue of cloning has been examined oftentimes but Moon lucks out. Cloning does present an important aspect of the film, but Jones treads so lightly that we never find it overbearing. The film rises above that managing to somehow explore larger themes. Sam Rockwell is faced with the taslk of grounding the entire film. Sure, Kevin Spacey’s effective voice is used but I cannot remember since Spencer Tracy in The Old Man & the Sea when I’ve been so riveted by a performer in isolation essentially interacting with themselves.

But then, despite the obvious goodness of his performance I could not fall in love with the film. I can’t put my finger on it; perhaps it’s that elusive subjectivity of human nature. There is a thin line between being subtle and engendering confusion and to an extent Moon got a bit too esoteric at times. It was all done in good faith; I’m sure. But still, the issue remains. Moon is a good film though; don’t let the seemingly taciturn words fool you. Sam Rockwell is just great in so many ways belying what until now has been a somewhat spotty career. The moon is definitely worthy experience. Take a walk on it.


joe burns said...

I'm not really into Science Fiction,so this isn't my type of film.

Anonymous said...

Interesting review - I came away and, because I never wholly trusted Spaceys HAL-like tone of voice I was never sure if we as an audience were expected to trust him or not. So at some points I was confused - never sure if both were clones or if Spacey-bot lied and the 'real' guy was amongst the two guys there, etc. So, at this point I thought "gosh, how complex, im sure when I understand it better I'll love it". So, a little research later, and the plot is actually quite simple: two clones work out they are clones and we watch what they do about it. When it is so simple I felt it lost a little edge.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

joe you should give it a chance sometime

knowingviews you raise some good points. spacey is just creepy period.

Vishal said...

Science Fiction for me is a vehicle for marveling at the wondrous while also exploring what it means to be human. I hope I'm not being too harsh when I say, this film lacked both. The clone issue and isolation are both themes that have been explored and Moon simply fails to add anything new. Even the potential to present engaging visions of future technologies was an opportunity to engage the audience left unrealised. I must confess however, I didn't make it to the end - I just got too bored after the first clone fight. I'd rather watch the first half of Sunshine, or the Sixth Day, or Total Recall... Moon was just too lifeless for my liking