Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Living In TV Land: Parks & Recreation

You'd probably remember that I sporadically posted my thoughts on The Office every now and then. And you'll have noticed it's gotten less and less consistent. I just don't have the longevity to blog about a show for a year or more, but it's always cool to look at a specific TV episode in isolation, and today I think I'd like to talk about last week's episode of Parks & Recreation "Ron & Tammy". Why does this episode warrant a blog post? Only because the delightful Megan Mullally made a guest appearance as the eponymous Tammy, the ex-wife of Leslie's [Amy Poehler] boss. I'm not going to obsess about this guest turn like I did with Amy Ryan, since it got me nowhere, but it is a wicked good guest stint. It's so weird seeing Megan with out that shrieky cackle I've come to [fondly] associate with her Karen Walker. Still, this episode was very good, although I had my issues.

For some reason Rashida Jones and Paul Schneider are now a couple. They are two actors I like, but not together. It's even more uncomfortable than her and Paul Rudd. Remember that? B+
NOVEMBER 4th - 10th [I did not watch much]

Grey's Anatomy "Invest in Love" A-
The Office "Double Date" B
Community "Home Economics" B-
30 Rock "Audition Day" B
Desperate Housewives "Careful the things You Say" B
So You Think You Can Dance "Top 16" B

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