Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Linkin' Tired

I'm so stressed out at the moment, University students are pissing me the hell off, and since I get so annoyed with lazy people - it's unsurprising. Sigh. School sucks. Moving on, I've been doing a whoooooooole lot of reading. I'm now following 211 blogs. I really have a problem, but I CAN'T STOP. I need to update the sidebar to include all those new blogs, but not now - too tired.
So Twilight was a massive success. Come on. We all saw it coming...These are some recent posts talking about the 'wonderful accomplishment'. Sigh.

Tim and julianstark and Mercurie and Robert and John and Neil [this one is particularly interesting] and Peter and cinematronica and whole lot more. But you get the idea...people are really talking 'bout this one. What are your thoughts?
Moving on, the release date for Nine is drawing closer and they're giving us these posters left and right. Jose rips into them. Not quite sure I agree with him completely. But he makes some good points, and it's a good read.
The Mad Hatter is looking at 2008. What do you think of his top 5?
Do you like Double Indemnity? The ubiquitous Billy Wilder classic? Read Univarn's review.
Fritz is ranking the Best Actress Winners. He's already ranked a number of my favourites...and he's still in the fifties! Sage is ranking the Supporting Actress Winners. Check them out.
Okay, I'm too tired to find more. I'm going to bang my head against the desk. Really, I am!

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The Mad Hatter said...

Hopefully the students wise up sometime soon. If not, I vote for a boot to the head.

Oh - and thanks for the plug!